Artisans moving ahead in the Amazon
December 1, 2020

The main goal of the Center for Amazon Community Ecology is to empower forest peoples in the Amazon rainforest to make a living without damaging the forest.

Please help us help hundreds of artisan families make and sell innovative fair-trade handicrafts, plant more trees, and strengthen their communities. Any donation you make today (up to $2,500 per person) to our project Support Native Artisans and Rainforest in the Amazon will receive a share of $1 million in matching funds from GlobalGiving.

Thank you for your support.
Restarting Artisan Workshops
In early November, we contracted two veteran artisan facilitators from the community of San Francisco on the Marañon River to show 16 artisans from neighboring Amazonas village to make ornaments of the marvelous spatuletail hummingbird. This photo shows Elisa - daughter of the leader of the Palosangre Artisan Association with one she made. CACE will offer these unique ornaments as soon as they make it to the U.S.
Empowering artisans to market their crafts
CACE wants our artisan partners to be able to sell more of their crafts to more buyers beyond us. Last week, our Communications Coordinator Tulio Davila showed artisans from the Bora community of Brillo Nuevo how to take basic photos of their crafts, describe how to make their crafts in short videos, and post images and other content on social media. Teens showed their artisan parents some tips about how to better use their cell phones to share their stories and products with the world.
SILENCE - COVID in the Communities
During the peak of the pandemic in Peru, up to 80% of the people in some Amazon native communities were infected with the corona virus. CACE responded by sending medicines and food to help hundreds of families in our partner communities cope with the pandemic. Check out our new 2-minute video SILENCE to get a feeling for what our partners experienced and how they have emerged with hope.
We envision an Amazonia where people create sustainable livelihoods, empower communities, and regenerate the Amazon rainforest.