Thirty and Flirty

Eclectics Gallery is celebrating 30 years in business

Friday, September 17, 11am to 7pm and

Saturday, September 18, 11am - 5pm

  • See the reveal of a new original work from consignor, John Knell, created in honor of Eclectics' 30 years in Kansas City
  • Receive a handmade gift from us
  • Bring your mask - 6 at a time can always SHOP inside!
  • Enjoy homemade sugar cookies and taste wine from White Tail Run Winery in Edgerton, Kansas Friday night 4-7 pm


Thirty years ago when Diane Foster and I created the idea for Eclectics Gallery, the kid in this picture was in my belly. Now he's old enough to have babies of his own. Time sure flies. Diane sadly passed away many years ago but her legacy lives on. Over the past 30 years we have been privileged to show the handcrafted works of art of hundreds of primarily local artists.

Today, through the ups and downs of everyday life, we're still on Oak and Gregory and loving what we do. Although we began with 24 owner/members, we now represent over 50 artists as consignors in addition to the smaller number of owner/members who operate our little shop. We've adjusted to the times through a recession and the current pandemic by being creative and never giving up. And we're forever grateful to you, our customers for never giving up on us either!

We're particularly thrilled that our little block of shops is springing to life with some great places to visit such as Sierra Winter Jewelry, Shampoo by Salon LaRon, Yoga Soul, and KC Needlepoint and are looking forward to our new property owners from Made in KC notoriety who are moving into the corner space. It's our little slice of heaven. We look forward to seeing you. Jenny Isenberg

John Knell: Impact Driven Art

John Knell, collage artist, illustrator, digital content creator, photographer, graphic designer, entrepreneur and writer (recently featured on VoyageKC Magazine) describes himself as a "visual ruckus maker." He skillfully weaves these complimentary disciplines into unique works of beauty, complexity, creativity and storytelling.

His areas of focus include Kansas City regional expressions, portrait art, digital collage, pop culture references and heartland landscapes.

Our 30 year celebration window will feature John's musician portraits series (for the first time) as well as KC themed artwork. He will also be debuting a new KC mixed media collage that will be an Eclectics only piece.

Becoming a Heart Necklace

Gale Schlagel, Eclectics owner/member artist, makes jewelry from Precious Metal Clay (PMC). The clay used to make the jewelry below consists of microscopic particles of bronze or silver in an organic binder and water. The pieces are shaped from the clay with a variety of techniques: carving, molding, shaping, etc. When they are dry, the pieces are kiln-fired at 1500 to 1800 degrees, burning away the binder and "sintering" the metal. After firing, each piece is cleaned and polished.

The clay is kneaded to make it malleable

In this instance, the bronze clay is rolled out to be embossed with a plate, hand carved by Gale.

 The clay after embossing.

Here the embossed clay is draped over a heart form and a bail is attached. Once dry, it is ready for the kiln.

gale 5.png

Fresh from the kiln, the pieces now need cleaning and prep for polishing.


Cleaned and polished with 80 grit, 300, 600, 800, 1200, 1500, 2000, 2500 and 3000 grit. A chain and embellishments are added.


They're Baaaack!

Those pesky Covid germs are back with a vengeance just as kids are heading back to school. That means you should head over to Eclectics to see our great mask collections in all sizes.

Masks required in our shop.


Eclectics Gallery, 7015 Oak Street, Kansas City, 816-361-6643, eclecticskc.com

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