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A floor plan for ergonomics
Some say sitting is the new cancer. If that’s so, standing might be the new vaping. You think it’s better—and for the most part it is—but there are still some damaging impacts. That’s why ergonomics must be a factor in your flooring selection.

One of the first considerations should be the activities of your workers. Are they on their feet the entire day? Do they stay in one location for the most part (e.g. a work station, cash register) or are they more mobile within the work area?

For example, someone working in a lab or clean room may work in several spots during the course of the day and walk back and forth to those spots. So, you would probably want something softer than a concrete floor but not too soft like a mat. While the softer surface will feel better to stand on for long periods, it forces your legs to work a little harder to walk back and forth. That can increase the fatigue factor, which can also make you more vulnerable to injury over a long period of time.

Conversely, a cashier is on their feet all day in a fairly confined area. A softer surface, even a mat, would have many benefits, short-term and long-term.

These are just a few things to consider when selecting flooring for your facility ergonomics can have a major impact on key issues facing many workplaces—e.g. sick days, workers compensation claims, retention, etc.

SelecTech offers hard and soft flooring solutions. If your flooring has become an issue with workers, perhaps it’s time for a change. Please give us a call to discuss possible solutions.

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