April 2017 / Volume 121
April Garden, Lawn, and Landscaping Tips
EVERYTHING (Fruits & Nuts, Trees & Shrubs, Flowers, Vegetables, Lawn, and Landscape) you wanted and needed to know about what to do for your lawn and in your gardens this month can be found by clicking on APRIL.  
Great Upcoming Events with Tulsa Master Gardeners You Won't Want to Miss!

Tulsa Master Gardeners Spring Plant Sale 

Thursday, April 13th       9 a.m. - 7 p.m.     
Central Park Hall, Tulsa Fairgrounds

Lunch and Learn with Tulsa Master Gardeners

Tuesdays, April 4th - May 30th     12:10 - 12:50 p.m.    
Tulsa City County Library (400 Civic Center)

April 4th:       Container & Small Space Gardens (Keeping It Tight)
April 11th:     Herbs To Grow and Cook (The Spice of Life)
April 18th:    Tomatoes (Most Popular Veggie Ever!)
April 25th:     Vegetable Gardening (Lots to Love)

          May sessions featured in May's e-Newsletter

Urban Garden Training Series

Thursday Evenings, April 20th - May 18th       6:00 - 8:00 p.m.   
Tulsa County OSU Extension Office (4116 East 15th Street)
Five - Part Series with an Urban Gardener Certificate

April 20th, Session #1:    How Plants Grow
April 27th, Session #2:    Growing Fruits & Vegetables
May 4th, Session #3:       Growing Flowers
May 11th, Session #4:     Growing Trees & Shrubs
May 18th, Session #5:     Lawn Management

***** More Master Gardener Events Listed At The Bottom *****

Spring Lawn Care . . . Simplified

As we approach the summer season, there are many things to do that will aid and help to improve our lawns.  Some of the most important things are: Dethatching, Aeration, Fertilization and Proper Watering.  Click HERE to learn about each one.

Spring Care of Ornamental Grasses

An easy choice for Oklahoma gardens, ornamental grasses are widely available and can be planted in the spring. They are a low maintenance, versatile and diverse option for the creative gardener.  Click HERE to learn more about them as well as access to additional resources.
Raised Bed Gardening

Raised Bed Gardening is a creative way to garden if you have very poor native soil that cannot be properly worked, if you have a bad back and don't like to stoop over that far, or if you just like the way it looks.  Click HERE to read more details about this great way to garden 
Herb Bed Gardening

                    From This . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . To This! 

Believe it or not, growing herbs is no more difficult than growing flowers and vegetables. They are fun to grow, smell great, and add bountiful flavor to your meals.  If interested to know more about Planting An Herb Garden READ ON.  

Proper Mulching Techniques


Mulch is generally a good additive to the garden, but it must be applied properly or it can do more damage than good.  If you would like to know more about Proper Mulching Techniques, then  READ ON.  

Drip Irrigation For Roses In Containers


Roses do not "fare" well with water showering their foliage, especially from a sprinkler or lawn irrigation system, as these shrubs are extremely susceptible to many foliar fungal diseases. Two ways to avoid this is found by clicking HERE.

Milkweeds & Monarchs

Everybody loves looking at a pretty monarch butterfly, don't they?  Did you know that planting milkweed is essential to attracting monarchs to your garden. Monarchs are dependent on milkweed plants as they serve as a host for their eggs and the caterpillars eat only milkweed.  Whether or not you knew that,  READ ON for Tips & Techniques of the Monarchs and Milkweed.  

Growing Awesome Orchids. . .And When To Re-Pot

Unlike the stories repeated about orchids, they are not difficult to grow.  In fact, they are about like any houseplant you may have.  However, some varieties are easier to grow than others.   If you would like to know more about how best to grow orchids and when to re-pot them, READ ON .

Pest e-alert: Spring Swarming Season for Termites

Nobody likes to hear about termites, but the following OSU Pest E-Alert contains information you need to know about the nasty little critters, how to ID them, their swarming season and habits, and recommended pest management techniques.

Tulsa Master Gardeners Are Out And About . . . 
There is always something to do in the garden during April and May.  It is also a very busy time for Tulsa Master Gardeners throughout Tulsa County.  We are participating in the following community events this spring:
April 1,               Spring Fling at Colebrook Nursery, Tulsa
April 7th, 8th      Spring Fest at Tulsa Garden Center
April 15th            Jenks Herb 'n' Plant Festival, Downtown Jenks
April 15th            Walmart Garden Center Grand Opening (111th and Memorial) . 
April 22nd           Garden Fest at A New Leaf Nursery, Broken Arrow
April 22nd           An Herbal Affair, Sand Springs
May 6th               Broken Arrow Rose Show and Festival
May 12tt, 13th      National Public Garden Day, Tulsa Botanical Gardens
May 13th             National Public Garden Day, Philbrook

We would love to have you visit us at any of these events.  As always, there will be a lot of information available for various gardening interests.  Come see us!

The Tulsa Master Gardener Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) organization.  As such, it receives no city, state or federal funding for its Tulsa community outreach programs. In fact, the majority of Tulsa's Master Gardener programs are self-funded by its members. We need your help..

Tulsa Master Gardener's own fundraisers make up most of the income to cover expenses. More specifically, a significant portion comes from the Tulsa Master Gardener Annual Spring Plant Sale that is held each April. Other fundraisers include the Garden Tour (June) and "Garage Sales" that occur from time to time. Finally, one of the most important income sources that sometimes gets overlooked are the personal and corporate donations.  These are so important in helping to meet our financial obligations and we want you to know they are very much appreciated. 

Donations for this month include:

General Fund

Judy Feuquay
Gerald Hatfield

Exploring Insects Fund
Wright Christian Academy
Leisure Park Elementary PTA

Please consider making an online contribution HERE. For other information on how you can help support all that the Tulsa Master Gardeners do for their community, contact the Tulsa Master Gardeners Office by calling (918) 746-3701.  Thank you! 

Got a Question? Or Maybe a Soil or Plant Sample?
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Our Master Gardeners are on hand to assist you with even the toughest gardening questions. Visit us in person, by phone, via email or online! Hours of operation are Monday through Friday 9:00 a.m to 4:00 p.m.

Address: 4116 E. 15th Street, Gate 6 at the Fairgrounds
Phone: (918) 746-3701

Need More Information?
law n fertilizer
complex leaves
All about butterfly gardening in Tulsa County.

How to Take a Soil Test
How to collect a good sample of soil from your lawn or garden and get it tested at the OSU lab.

Once you have collected your soil test and gotten the results back, now what? Find out here. 

Show and tell.
Cool Season Lawn Care (Fescue)
12-month maintenance calendar.
State horticulturists, nurseries and growers pick favorite plants, shrubs and trees for use in the Oklahoma landscape. See the winners for this year and years past.

A list of recommended trees with descriptions. 

A list of over 60, by size and color.

Visit our demonstration garden on  15th Street, open 7 days a week. 

Current and historical source of rainfall, air temperatures, soil temps and much more. Click on Bixby station.  

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