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Bits and Pieces

June 11, 2024

Saturday, by all accounts, was an absolutely amazing day! Barbara spent the day receiving hugs from customers and accepting congratulations on her 14th Anniversary of owning Sun Valley Quilts! Between hugs she rang her bell and called out names from our basket of raffle tickets so she could award gifts from tubs filled with goodies! Patterns, charm packs, jelly rolls, packages of batting, notions… a huge selection of amazing items which seemed to please both winners and onlookers! All the tickets were put back into a special bowl so Barbara could draw names after closing for our bigger prizes, those which you did not need to be present for to win. The Grand Prize – a new Cutie Breeze quilting frame which can be used with any domestic sewing machine or with a Little Rebel or Q’nique mid or long arm quilting machine! And a slew of gift bags, plus two Grace TrueCut Quilter’s Combo’s. Winners have been contacted and will be collecting their goodies over the next few days!

Is this the end of the excitement at Sun Valley Quilts? Of course not! We have just a few days remaining before Barbara and I depart for BU (Bernina University) in Detroit! While we are always excited to see what BU holds for us, this year will be absolutely groundbreaking! I’m sure you’ve heard about the coming MAGIC of the new BERNINA B990 machine, honestly, I’m more excited for BU this year than I have ever been for my birthday or Christmas! Okay, I’m always excited for spending time with my family at Christmas and I get great pleasure out of their excitement. But, BU this year – this particular excitement for the unveiling of the NEW B990 machine - is all for me! 

Imagine a sewing machine that can do it all: sew, quilt, and embroider with flawless precision, captivating speed and miraculous features. A machine that will help you transform any project into a masterpiece of art and craft. That sewing machine is the BERNINA 990, the ultimate expression of Swiss engineering, precision and innovation — and you can be the one of the first to use it. What else makes this new B990 worth all the excitement? Honestly, we have very few details to release at this time. The specs are under wraps, however I believe I know a few things from the teaser video’s that BERNINA has been dropping over the last month. Have you seen what I’ve seen? The very short 6 second teaser video’s, offer no guarantees but I am speculating on some very intriguing possibilities:

  • ·     The first time we see a part of the touch display screen I saw what looks like a clock in the upper left
  • ·     It looks like there is significantly more lighting running the entire length of the throat of the machine
  • ·     I certainly suspect the display is much larger than the existing 7” screens on the current 7 and 8 Series models. I can see a total of 16 EXP file images displayed all at once, with room to spare!
  • ·     A fully automatic needle threader, similar to the enhanced threader on the 790 Pro

Historically, we know that the BERNINA 8 Series was groundbreaking when it debuted some 14+ years ago! We know that the BERNINA 7 Series with it’s 10” throat and the BERNINA hook system has been loved by all! I can hardly begin to know what the engineers in Switzerland have been keeping under warps and developing for the last 15 years, but we do know Swiss engineers are very precise! Often developing details and technology we didn’t even know we wanted, needed or would love so dearly. Henry Ford certainly never thought of a backup camera for his car, but most of us have learned to count on it! Dealers who attend BU (yes WE are!) have been able to place an order for their floor model machine (yes WE have!) and we anticipate having a B990 at Sun Valley Quilts in July.

Customers who are intrigued, convinced or considering purchasing a B990 for the first time can make a $1,000 preorder deposit (fully refundable) and be guaranteed a specific numbered spot in the queue! Those in the queue will receive their machine before any additional dealer models will be shipped. Now for the first time, you can be one of the very first to own the new top of the line BERNINA 990 — PLUS, reserve now, and you will receive a SPECIAL THANK YOU package that will surprise and delight. Simply make a 100% refundable deposit and it will guarantee your place in line and make you a Charter VIP Member of the B 990. These Charter VIP Memberships are very exclusive and only have a limited number of spaces ~ and will provide special benefits available for a full year! Once a deposit is registered, you will receive confirmation emails from BERNINA which include your Charter Membership Certificate and your Reservation number. Dealers at BU will see the unveiling on June 18th! Charter members will also have access to view the B990 on June 18th virtually, but only after you have made your deposit and it’s registered with BERNINA! 

Your preorder deposit MUST BE made no later than June 16th – while we understand you might decide to wait and see our floor model before ordering, we also wanted to make sure you are aware of this preorder opportunity and if you are as excited as I am by the BERNINA’s newest TOL (TOP OF LINE) model, please give us a call or stop on by and let us explore options with you!

Lynn, and Barbara (who is currently resting and packing for Detroit) and the Magical Merry-Makers at SVQ

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