Travel Season Is Upon Us
Here we are, on the cusp of Spring Break and Summer Vacations! It’s time to start thinking about
road trips, jumping on a plane, or throwing up a tent. Your customers are going to be looking
for items that keep their kids busy and entertained during travel.
Below are a few items that check those packing list boxes for smooth travels. Order on the
Online Order Portal or make an appointment with your McManemin Sales Rep.

Bewaltz - Tablet Device Stand Pineapple 
Crazy Aaron's - Hide Inside: Gnome Home
Smart Toys and Games - IQ Mini 
Bright Stripes - I Heart Art JR: Art on the Go! Going Dotty Ocean 
Choose Your Own Adventure: Dragon Day 
Plus Plus - Travel Case 
Duncan - Color Shift Puzzle Ball 
Fizz Creations - Tetris Keyring Arcade Game 
Good Banana - Fidget Widget - Burger 
Floss and Rock - Fairy Tale Stick & Play 
Playmonster - Colorforms Bluey Travel Set