MARCH 31ST, 2021
“They say the glass is half full or half empty, well let me tell you I'm just glad there's a glass at all.”

― Claire Auricomous

There I was minding my own business about to make a left hand turn, when a friendly face waved to me. With less caution for my upcoming turn, I smiled and waved back. With more attention on what was happening outside the vehicle rather than inside the vehicle, my travel mug of freshly poured coffee, spilled. It spilled with the force of a distracted driver, leaving a tidal wave of caffeinated joy splashing all over my passenger seat, the passenger door and left to drain on the right side floor mat. Nooooooooooooooo!

I immediately felt the surge of rage pass through me. Words may have been uttered in a forceful nature. Anger transformed quickly into the possibility of tears and in that moment I questioned how my day could possibly continue. I pulled over. I luckily had a small stash of tissues that I used to sop up Lake Java and wipe down the center console. Since I had already been in route to the gas station, I preceded to my destination. In the few short blocks it took me to get there, I had two options, let the tears cometh, or get over it. As I continued to drive I took the opportunity to forge the-cup-is-half-full commentary that I discussed with me, myself and I. It sounded like this...

True. But literally the cup is still half full.
Stop being being positive, this is a travesty!

Also true. But how fortunate that it's black leather interior and not a beige clothe interior.
Remember that time we spilled garlic shrimp sauce out the side of the to-go box on mom's beige clothe interior? Let's remember, this could be worse, the car could smell like Chinese take-out for months!

That is NOT true. This MOMENT sucks.
I wonder what I'm going to eat for lunch?

By the time I reached the gas pump, I had collected my thoughts. The rage had passed and the possibility of garlic shrimp for lunch was a real possibility. As I pumped fuel, I was grateful for the abundance of brown paper towels that were vital in soaking up all the liquid from the floor mat and the side door compartment. By the time the pump clicked, it was as if no coffee had ever been spilled.

Frustrating and untimely mishaps are bound to happen. Sometimes in the form of spilled coffee or perhaps a stubbed toe, the splash of a puddle, or a missed alarm clock. If I may, let me offer a bit of encouragement that when the unforeseen becomes reality, have a full blown internal argument with yourself about what's true and what you can control. You always have control of how you respond so be careful what you regard as truth versus an inflamed tale of aggravation. Upon completion of said dialogue, I firmly believe your outcome will improve with an optimistic approach and glass-is-half-full outlook. And if that doesn't work, get yourself some garlic shrimp for lunch!

PS. I just realized there is dog poop on my shoe.

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Community Action welcomes new Resource Development Manager
Community Action, Inc. of Rock & Walworth Counties welcomes Erick West as the agency’s
Resource Development Manager. West is a Beloit native with more than a decade’s experience
in grant writing, stewardship and nonprofit management.
"We are so excited and honored to have Erick West join our team,” says Marc Perry, executive
director. “Erick comes to us with a wealth of knowledge and experience in resource
development and is a proud product of the Rock County community. We are happy to have
Erick back in our community and thrilled that he chose Community Action to continue his lifelong
commitment to serving others."

The Importance of Sleep
Getting the right amount of sleep will help you live a healthy lifestyle. Your body needs a good sleep-wake balance to function well. When you sleep well your mind and body renews itself to take on another day.

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The Paycheck Protection Program has been extended through May 31, 2021
President Joe Biden signed the PPP Extension Act of 2021 into law today, extending the Paycheck Protection Program an additional two months to May 31, 2021, and then providing an additional 30-day period for the SBA to process applications that are still pending. Read more here.
Walworth County COVID-19 Phased Guidance 
This document provides broad guidance for recovery from COVID-19 in our community. Walworth County encourages organizations and individuals to consider this guidance and apply it where able. Organizations should feel empowered to implement solutions that best meet their needs and should develop plans to adjust practices in the event of another rise in COVID-19 cases.

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