Just Ask for Whole Grains
image of assorted whole grains
What Exactly is a Sprouted Grain?
Sprouted Grains are April's Whole Grains of the Month. The grains we eat are actually dormant seeds, holding the potential for whole new plants within their walls. With the right temperature and moisture, the sprouting process can begin.
Get the Inside Scoop on Whole Grains
These Whole Grains are Never GMO
Contrary to popular belief, there are actually only a few food crops that are grown as GMOs, including just one grain. And it's not the one you might think!
Whole Grain Trends
How has the popularity of particular grains increased over the past several years? How has use and prevalence of the Whole Grain Stamp changed over time? Here’s a peek at what we found.
Calling All RDs/RDNs
You are invited to participate in a 15-minute survey about whole grains for an international Honours research study from the University of Wollongong, Australia and the Grains & Legumes Nutrition Council. Participants will be entered to win a gift card to Portion Perfection.
Savory Whole Grain Pies

An Oldways Whole Grains Council photo and recipe
It's almost time for the Mediterranean Diet Challenge! Are you ready?
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