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Welcome to Fall and for many, back to school. Fall is always a great time for new beginnings and to take inventory of what's working, and what might not be working - and take measures for improvement.

 Dr. Joel had the pleasure of participating in some incredible events over the past few months including moderating a book discussion of "What Made Maddy Run" by Kate Fagan, sponsored by the Bergen County Stigma Free committee. This is a true and brilliantly written, very somber story about a Bergen County student-athlete who struggled with mental illness and the angst her parents experienced.

Dr. Joel also led separate discussions on "Successful College Adjustment" for seniors and "The College Transition" for parents at Northern Valley Old Tappan, Northern Valley Demarest and New Providence high schools. The discussions focused on the importance of developing psychological readiness and critical skills.

Dr. Joel also began an "Ask Dr. Joel" segment on Facebook, answering questions students, parents or professionals submit to him via
direct message.

The school year brings with it added pressure, for both students and parents. It's a tumultuously time we live in, and having the right tools to navigate this often confusing world are key to success.

Dr. Joel offers guidance and support in this issue of his newsletter.

Details below.
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First time college student?
Do you have a student that just transitioned to college for the first time? Those first few weeks of college can create a make or break feeling for your child. College is quite an adjustment as it's the first time your child is living on their own, while dealing with new academic and social pressures - basically having to start over.

The statistics are staggering: 30% of college freshman do not return for their second year. Over 40% of college students report anxiety symptoms and at peak times over 80% report feeling overwhelmed. It is so important for students to prioritize their psychological health and know where to go when they need help.

A very impactful article in the New York Times discusses what to do if your child decides they want to come home. Read it here .
What do you do if you are struggling?

What if you do find yourself or your child struggling with anxiety and depression? Too often, we do not pursue help - we think "I'll get over it" or "It's not really that bad." And all too often, we have no idea where to go for support.

This short video from one of Dr. Joel's Master Classes helps understand how to cope with anxiety and depression...and resources available.
Click on the photo below to watch.
Vaping - It's Got To Stop

Vaping has become a scary epidemic - with more and more reports in the news of re lated illnesses and even death. Accoringly to a recent article in the Patch, "NJ's vaping sicknesses nearly doubled in a growing 25-state outbreak."

The article states,
"This is the crisis New Jersey health officials are facing as vaping illnesses have nearly doubled in three weeks since a statewide health alert was issued. And at least four lawsuits have been filed in the state against e-cigarette makers, all claiming that the product has hooked a new generation of young people to a potentially dangerous substance.

The state Department of Health said the New Jersey cases have risen dramatically just as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is investigating a 25-state "outbreak" of severe pulmonary disease associated with e-cigarette products."

Dr. Joel created the following PSA vaping prevention video to address the current vaping epidemic among adolescents and young adults. The idea is to get teens to understand the impact it is having on their life - by busting 5 myths about vaping.

Click on the image below to view the video.
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Dr. Joel Ingersoll is a NJ licensed psychologist and renowned impact performance coach for students, parents, business leaders and corporations.
He has a PhD in clinical psychology, an MA in applied social psychology, and a
Master Coach Certification (CMC). He is the founder of school readiness programs
and a host of the Dr. Joel Podcast.
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He's been featured in academic journals and on Fox 5 News, Pix 11 News, The
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In addition to Dr. Joel’s successful business and corporate programs, he has assisted numerous college campus wellness initiatives, has been an advisor for student organizations to help increase mental health awareness, and hired as a sports psychology consultant for collegiate athletic teams and coaching staffs. He has also served for over a decade on college campuses under the titles of Staff Psychologist, Coordinator of Alcohol & Other Drug Services, Affiliate and Adjunct Faculty, and Associate Director of Counseling.
Dr. Joel offers one-on-one, group and virtual coaching and travels the
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