One More Step
As Lea Thullbery, Director of Diversion and Outreach, welcomed guests to Wednesday's Housing Huddle, Candice sat at the table overwhelmed at the steps she still had in front of her. She had finally been approved for a permanent supportive housing voucher through the Housing Authority of Winston-Salem, but the discouraging reality remained: she had to find a place to live, complete an application, and secure the financial resources for the application fee. 
Candice was so close to resolving her homelessness, but there seemed to always be one more step.
An alarming lack of of affordable housing makes Candice's path forward difficult. Based on a recent study, Forsyth County is about 14,000 units short of meeting the critical need for affordable housing.

While many in our community have walked the complicated steps towards securing housing assistance, with the shortage of available units, transitioning from homelessness to housed remains an arduous process. 
On that particular day, the weekly Housing Huddle was crowded. Candice found herself sitting next to a stranger named Tia, who would soon prove to be a friend. As Candice listened intently to the information Lea shared, she couldn't help but feel overwhelmed. It was then that Tia, a recently housed community member, shared that her complex had newly available units and was accepting applications.
Encouraged by the unexpected availability, Candice filled out an application and began to ask Tia about her experience with the neighborhood, other residents, and access to resources. 

With a location identified and an application completed, the barriers to housing for Candice suddenly seemed less daunting. Until she remembered she still had to pay an application fee. 

Though she helped Candice fill out her application and answered her many questions along the way- Tia was not yet done giving. Without hesitation, Tia reached into her purse and handed Candice the cash to cover the expense of the application fee. 
This is the power of community.
City with Dwellings creates a place where all people, homeless or housed, can invest in each other. Whether during our open community hours Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday mornings, Housing Huddle on Wednesday afternoon, in tent cities across Winston-Salem, at the Winter Shelter Project, or online through Education and Advocacy events, we are working to build a transformed community. 

Thank you for building with us and being a part of our community. 
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