April 2023
AITC-SK is Making an Impact
We are proud to announce we provided 259,460 student experiences in 2022!

Each student experience ingrains agriculture knowledge in students. These experiences are like building blocks, each one building on the previous to grow students' connection to and understanding of agriculture.

Visit our interactive digital Annual Report to learn more:
AGM Recap
At our AGM, we celebrated providing 259,460 student experiences last year! But what is a student experience, and what is its value?

Our AGM guests experienced for themselves the impact and value of the agricultural learning experiences by competing in an interactive, educational career game and participating in a hands-on, engaging AG event.
"I really enjoyed participating in the activities that AITC uses to teach. It gave me a better appreciation for their work. I found the game on the tables was very clever."
15 Years of Little Green Thumbs
Little Green Thumbs, a classroom garden program managed by AITC-SK, began in 2007 with just 4 gardens in Saskatchewan. Today, over 1000 gardens across Canada are providing 26,000+ students the opportunity to 'dig in' each year! Read more.
THANK YOU to all the volunteers for dedicating time in your busy lives to share your ag story and passion! YOU are helping inspire our future leaders!
Explore #CALM23 action:
SARM Presentation Makes an Impact
Sara, AITC-SK's Executive Director, had the opportunity to deliver a presentation at this year's SARM convention:
"The future YOU is in classrooms right now. What do you want them to know about agriculture? They are our future leaders and decision-makers, we need them to be a part of agriculture."
Ramping up for Spring/Summer Programs
The AITC-SK team is building momentum for Spring programming, the busiest time for in-person experiences around the province! You and your organization can help support the success of these programs:
Teacher Agriculture Expedition
An action-packed, hands-on agriculture tour for teachers to interact with farmers and agriculture personnel.
Food Farms
Students experience the full cycle of farming, planting in spring and harvesting crops in fall, and learning about ag!
Farm & Ag Tours
We connect classrooms with farms and agri-businesses to meet people in ag and learn about food production!
To learn more about supporting any of these program, contact leah@aitc.sk.ca.