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Week 8-23 - 22.02.23

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Automatic doors

ASSA ABLOY: 10 reasons why an automatic door is open

Automatic doors are a convenient and efficient way to control entrances. They provide quick access and free users from the need to manually open or close a door. Nevertheless, it can happen that an automatic door is open when it should be closed. In this blog article we have summarised ten possible reasons why this might be the case. [Read more

Company News

Genetec integrates TELENOT portfolio into its security platform

Collaboration expanded: Customers benefit from seamless integration of Telenot electronic security technology into Genetec unified security solutions: Genetec, a leading technology provider for unified security management, public safety and business intelligence, now offers its customers the new seamless integration of Telenot security solutions. Genetec Security Center can now be easily operated with the Telenot Complex 400h and its detectors and sensors. [Read more]

New management at SÄLZER GmbH

Doreen Krob is the new managing director at high security specialist SÄLZER in Marburg. She succeeds Tim Füldner, who left the company at his own request. Doreen Krob has already been part of the Schüco subsidiary's management team since January 2022. In her role as Head of Technology and Operations, she has already played an active role in shaping the direction of SÄLZER over the past year and implemented fundamental strategic measures. [Read more]

Azkoyen Group is one of the most innovative companies in Europe

Azkoyen Group ranks 17th among the Spanish companies included in the study, which analyses a total of 2,500 companies worldwide. In terms of R&D investment per employee (16,000 euros per employee), the group is 6th in the Spanish ranking. [Read more]

Critical Infrastructure

Frequentis supports US Department of Defence in Georgia

The Frequentis Transportable Digital Tower solution is being tested at Moody Air Force Base (AFB) in Georgia, USA, as part of a multi-site evaluation of digital tower technology.  The Moody digital tower solution provides control of an airfield with multiple parallel runways. The solution uses advanced augmentation to provide enhanced situational awareness for the control of a variety of aircraft types, including military and civil aircraft. [Read more]

IT and OT security: what (not only) CRITIS providers in the EU are paying attention to

Operators of critical infrastructures are increasingly targeted by cyber criminals. Meanwhile, attackers are not solely concerned with making money. Increasingly, they are putting pressure on their victims and threatening to publish stolen data or offer it on the darknet without the knowledge of those affected. In more and more cases, they also intend to severely disrupt network systems - including those of nation states. A threatening trend that will gain further momentum in 2023. [Read more]

Veridos provides access system technology for Munich Security Conference

Veridos is once again providing the technological solution for access control at the Munich Security Conference (MSC), which will be held at the Bayerischer Hof Hotel from 17 to 19 February 2023. In addition to the company's eAccess system, which quickly and securely identifies visitors directly at the entrance portals, the concept also includes access cards developed by Giesecke+Devrient (G+D). [Read more]


Airbag trousers protect legs of two-wheeler riders

Motorbike, scooter and e-scooter riders can now protect their legs and hips from injuries caused by accidents. CX Air Dynamics, manufacturer of protective clothing for two-wheelers, now sells trousers equipped with an airbag. They are water-repellent and breathable, like normal trousers of this kind. But inside is a kind of balloon that is inflated by a compressed air cartridge in less than 200 milliseconds when the rider is thrown from his two-wheeler, for example after a collision. [Read more]

Ceiling-mounted air purifiers in De Nassau comprehensive school

At De Nassau comprehensive school in Breda, mutual respect and consideration are central. "We think in terms of possibilities and results, and personal development is very important. This is fostered through high-quality teaching, careful supervision of pupils and social engagement," says the homepage. De Nassau is a large school with two campuses, three departments, about 1 800 students and 200 staff. On a school day there are many movements. [Read more]


TÜV SÜD offers conformity assessments for electronic products

Radio Equipment Directive 2014/53/EU (RED)

Delegated Regulation (EU) 2022/30 supplementing the Radio Equipment Directive (RED) 2014/53/EU applies mandatorily from 1 August 2024 and opens up a new field of activity for Notified Bodies. From this date, many electronic products will have to undergo a conformity assessment with regard to the essential cyber security requirements set out in the RED before they can be placed on the market in the EU. TÜV SÜD, one of the leading testing and certification companies, supports manufacturers of wireless devices to meet these requirements. [Read more]

Healthcare applications: TÜVIT receives accreditation for BSI TR-03

With the receipt of the official accreditation, TÜVIT now carries out tests according to BSI TR-03161. The technical guideline serves as a guideline for manufacturers of applications in the healthcare sector when creating secure solutions. Records of pulse and heart rate, sleep data or medication plans: healthcare applications store and process a lot of personal and sensitive data. If these fall into the hands of attackers, this can sometimes have serious consequences - both for users and for manufacturers. It is therefore all the more important to protect such applications from data theft or misuse as best as possible. [Read more]

New digital edition

Euro Security DACH 1-2023 is online!

With the following topics: Perimeter Protection - Review of the fair with AI, physical solutions + organisation; Border Control - Travellers and companies are open to digitalisation; CRITIS - AI checks pedestrian behaviour in context to management; Critical Infrastructure Act - KÖTTER Security calls for greater consideration of private security service providers. [To the magazine]
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