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Elevating our Teams: the Power of Psychological Safety

by Cyndi Wineinger

Have I mentioned lately how much I love what I do? The ability to help companies reach their strategic goals and develop leaders is truly my passion.

Building organizations by building leaders includes three key elements: assessing who is hired into a leadership role, onboarding them properly, and then helping them thrive as a part of the culture and high performance team.

Start with an assessment of your current training

A key aspect of helping people thrive includes a comprehensive assessment of your training for both hard skills (computer work) and soft skills (communicating well with others and use of empathy). I am currently helping several companies update their talent development training programs, and the topic of psychological safety is a key focus.

The secret sauce that fuels team greatness

So, what is psychological safety? It’s the secret sauce that fuels team greatness – the shared belief that we can take risks without judgment. Imagine this: Think about your worst boss ever (#bosshole alert). The room changes, right? These “Corporate PTSD” stories linger, impacting us in the blink of an eye.

Now, toss in the post-Covid whirlwind, election drama, global chaos, and an unsettling surge in everything. Psychological safety becomes our anchor – a cornerstone in crafting training that nurtures our people. What’s our role in fostering emotionally healthy environments? It’s more than a question; it’s a call to action.


Coaching & Leadership training for in-demand skills

We offer customized training for a range of topics, including these most requested ones: Change Management, Team Dynamics, and Conflict Resolution. Reach out for a complimentary 30-minute call with Cyndi to learn more.

Cyndi has been consulting with organizations for nearly 20 years. With a decade at Procter & Gamble in Sales, Sales Leadership, and Strategic Planning, she left P&G to help start a non-profit – leading operations and a $25MM fundraising campaign.

With extensive training in organizational design, career placement, and hiring processes, Cyndi is best known for her work in leadership development, Executive Coaching, and strategic planning implementation with her business partner and Strategist, Darcy. 

A “junkie for learning,” she holds multiple certifications, including ProSci Change Management, Professional Master Coach, Life Coach, Addiction Recovery Coach, and Advanced Certified Birkman Coach.

Cyndi Wineinger

If you have taken the Birkman and want a better understanding of your report, Cyndi has free training videos to help you interpret your results.

If you haven't taken the Birkman and would like to increase your self-awareness and your ability to create pyschological safety, reach out to schedule a Birkman review.

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