August 2020
Richwood Rd. Interchange Project Update
Bob Yeager, Chief District Engineer for the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet District Six Office, recently shared this update with local property owners and businesses along the Old Lexington Pike corridor.

We wanted to share this information with you, as well.

Dear Northern Kentucky Neighbor,

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) is making major infrastructure improvements at the Richwood Rd. (KY 338) and I-71/75 interchange. A significant component of that project is the realignment of Richwood Rd. under Dixie Hwy. and the Norfolk Southern Railroad line. It also includes reconstructing Old Lexington Pike in the vicinity of Richwood Rd.

While we understand the short-term inconveniences that improvements cause for those who travel through active construction progress, the Cabinet is excited to be delivering this project for the businesses and residents of Northern Kentucky. We know that building the connections you need supports our regional economy and keeps our communities strong.

The Old Lexington Pike railroad crossing just south of Richwood Rd. is now closed.

This closure was put into place to allow us to build a new railroad bridge for Norfolk Southern. In order to do so, it is necessary to build a temporary railroad track and a temporary spur to the adjacent industrial park. This traffic pattern is expected to be in place throughout the duration of construction, which is scheduled to continue through 2022. Ultimately, new railroad tracks will be placed over the new bridge, the temporary track removed, and a permanent spur will be constructed crossing the re-aligned Old Lexington Pike.

Along with the safety of those who use our roadways, honest, transparent communication to those affected by our project work is one of our highest priorities. 

Throughout the course of ongoing conversations with businesses located in the Richwood Rd. area, we have heard several concerns. I want to let you know what we have done to address those concerns, and offer you my commitment that we will continue to review the traffic pattern in this area and make adjustments, as necessary.

Concern #1: There will be increased congestion and certain turning movements will not be possible. 

KTYC Actions:

·        A temporary signal at the intersection of Dixie Hwy. (US 25) and Chambers Rd. is now operational. The signal has in-pavement vehicle detectors installed on both approach legs of Chambers Rd. These are situated directly behind the STOP bars.

·        Camera detection has been added to the signal system to detect stopped vehicles. This means that vehicles, including tractor trailers, stopped on Chambers Rd. on the approach to the railroad tracks will be detected. In addition, the system includes upgraded technology that triggers the signals to change based on existing traffic conditions.

·        KYTC has been working very closely with our partners in Boone County to support the recent widening and resurfacing on the southern portion of Old Lexington Pike.

·        New pavement has been added at the corner of Old Lexington Pike and Chambers Rd., and at Chambers Rd. and Dixie Hwy. This will provide additional surface for trailers to make right-hand turns.

·        Pavement wedges have been added to both approaches to the railroad crossing to provide better clearance for vehicles with low profiles.

·        New signage and additional striping has been added on Dixie Hwy. and Chambers Rd. to make drivers aware of the new traffic pattern.

·        We recommend that businesses encourage their truck drivers coming to/from I-71/75 to use the Richwood Rd. (KY 338) and Mary Grubbs Hwy. (KY 14) interchanges, as much as possible. We also recommend monitoring ongoing traffic pattern changes throughout the area, such as ramp work and related short-term weekend closures that might necessitate travel to/from the I-71/75/Walton exit. Updated information is provided on, and on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Concern #2: Traffic will get stuck on the railroad tracks.

The first and most important item to state is that traffic should never attempt to cross the railroad tracks without 100% certainty that they can sufficiently clear the tracks.

KYTC Actions:

·        Signage has been installed on Chambers Rd. that indicates the clearance distance from the STOP bar to the railroad gate.

·        A preemption system has been built into the new traffic signals. This means that the technology in the signals will detect an approaching train and send an electrical transmission to the roadway signal. The roadway signal then changes so that any vehicles on westbound Chambers Rd. can proceed across the railroad tracks. Preemption does not send a message to the train that vehicles could be on the track. As always, it is the responsibility of vehicle drivers to not stop on a railroad crossing. When the rail gates are ready to descend, it is unlawful and unsafe to block or try to maneuver around them.

We will continue to publicize upcoming traffic pattern changes on our website,, and on our Facebook and Twitter pages. We encourage you to use these communications channels to stay up to date on changing traffic patterns in the area and to use real-time travel apps, such as Waze, to plan your drive and determine the best route of travel.

We are grateful for the investment you have made in Northern Kentucky, either as a business owner, residential property owner, tenant, or local customer. We are proud to support you and provide the infrastructure to meet the needs of our growing population and the many companies located here.


Robert Yeager
Chief District Engineer
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