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November 2015
How would you feel if you found out that your psychiatrist father adopted you for the purpose of psychological experimentation?
In Just Two Days, You Can Find Out!

Hitting theaters around the country this Friday is the psychological thriller, ALTERED MINDS, from Writer/Director Michael Wechsler and starring Judd Hirsch. Famed publication, Psychology Today, will be hosting the NYC red carpet premiere today, just days before the November 20 theatrical release and worldwide VOD rollout .

Studio Unknown collaborated with ALTERED MINDS Director Michael Wechsler for months to perfect the sound design for this incredibly intricate film. Keep an eye on your inbox for our December newsletter where  Matt's blog will be dedicated to ALTERED MINDS.

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Studio Unknown has a busy month with collaborative releases! Two more films we're proud to have worked on are being released this month! Uplifting and heartwarming comedy-drama, A Year And Change, starring Bryan Greenberg will be released in North America and DVD/VOD November 24th. The other, comedy feature, This Isn't Funny, was released on November 6th and is available on Netflix and other VOD platforms. Make these fun films a part of your holiday hanging out!


Video of Interest: Sound Designing Your Life

This month's Video of Interest comes from Matt Davies, Partner and Supervising Sound Effects Editor here at Studio Unknown

Last month, creative web video channel NOWNESS released an incredible short film titled "The Foley Artist" which not only has become somewhat of a viral success, but won both Best Original Score and Best Production Design at the 2015 Berlin Fashion Film Festival.

Simply stated, the short is about a Foley Artist providing sounds for a fashion film. But it's much more than that. Expertly crafted, " The Foley Artist" takes a deep, emotional and also downright hilarious look at the lengths people go to reach perfection for their craft.

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Outside of being objectively entertaining for all, I personally found this an incredibly thoughtful film, being a Foley artist myself. Often I get asked, "What's the weirdest combination of things you've Foley'ed with, and for what sound?". So I was delighted to see this short highlighting THAT specific aspect of Foley. For me, it's the most magical part.

Allow me to give some context...

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