September 2021
Be the Guardian of Nature that our planet needs
Mobilizing change
Empowers, makes visible and rewards children who
take action for the environment

More than 220 children from all the provinces of Costa Rica participated in more than 490 environmental challenges, during the third edition of the My Guardian Challenge at Home contest, organized by Guardians for Nature, the Ministry of Education, Dos Pinos and the United Nation Development Program (UNDP), and sponsored by Tetra Pak, Milenio Tres and MundoRep.

“The intention of creating My Guardian Challenge goes beyond a contest, the intention is much deeper and is to empower the next generation of Guardians of the Nature who will help change the trajectory of humanity. The well-being and quality of life of each one of us is the true reward of their efforts ”, stated Jessica Sheffield Zamora, founder and executive director of Guardians of Nature.

Active empowerment workshops

Empowering a new generation of Guardians of Nature through music, movement, literature, socio-emotional tools and concrete actions to help nature.

26 workshops completed from July through August 
8 schools (7 schools in the Nosara district and 1 in Ostional) 
214 children impacted
279 books donated 
64 native trees planted on schools campuses
11 school clean-ups

Thank you to all those who make this change and impact possible. BarriGuiones, Tatiana Martushev and Estaban Retana for the donation of trees and the support for planting them. Also to the donors of this project of active guardian workshops that benefits more than a thousand children in the Guanacaste coastal area for making it possible Mary Smathers and David Payne, Helena and John Bruno, Alice and Mike Olson, Matt and Yasmine Johnson, Isis Mejia and Brad Wedding, Greg and Susan Smith, The Lazlow and Laura Fund, Rupert Hill for SURF SIMPLY and James Guterman.

Celebrating World Clean-up Day

Together we make a difference!

Thanks to all the families who give their time to make this planet a better place for all living beings.

Guiones Beach Clean-Up on Sunday, September 19, 2021 in commemoration of World Cleaning Day.

Celebrating the National Day of the
Community Water Management

Very excited to be able to bring our experience of mobilizing children and youth to action in a collaborative effort to celebrate and conserve water resources.

Who can participate? Students from 8 to 12 years old who live in communities served by ASADAS (Associations Administrators of Communal Aqueduct and Sewer Systems)

Competition objective: Recognize the value of community water management as a vital process for the preservation of good health, as well as the importance of having access to water and sanitation to satisfy the fundamental needs of human beings through a collaborative alliance
Exchanging impact for resources

A new way to scale the impact of our
social and environmental enterprise

Motivated by the formation of alliances to strengthen the work for the conservation of natural resources and the improvement of the quality of life of children, we thank SoulFoods led by entrepreneur Sofía Solano for allocating 10% of her profit to support our Regenerative Schools program.

SoulFoodsCR is an eco-product venture that promotes a sustainable lifestyle for our well-being and that of the planet. Visit them on their INSTAGRAM page.

If you are a person, a family or a company that aligns with our values and want to channel resources so that we can make an impact on people and the planet, please contact us.
Empowering teachers

Live experience workshops

Educators from La Cruz, Abangares, Tilaran and Nicoya participated on August 28 in our one-day experience workshop during which:

1. We carry out a cleaning and analysis of the waste found on the beach
2. We experience a forest bath and practice “mindfulness” on the public trails of the Nosara Civic Association
3. We visit the Nosara Recycling Center and actively participate in the separation learning essential information about the 3Rs (reduce, reuse and recycle)
4. We visited our Del Mar Academy educational laboratory to demonstrate good practices in composting, recycling, honey bee hives and practices in connection with nature.
5. Introduction of our free educational platform for teachers
6. Reflection of Guardian habits with the best view of Nosara with our allies from Hotel Boutique Lagarta Lodge and Edunámica CR
7. Healthy food and zero waste thanks to a local business @Restaurante Celajes

Thanks to the Troper-Wojcicki Foundation and Amigos of Costa Rica for helping us make it possible.

Webinar: Let's build the Guanacaste we dream of

An honor to have been invited to close the festivities of the province.
A webinar in which 915 people from the Guanacaste educational community participated. Many thanks to the entire Vivamos la Guanacatequidad team.

Topics were touched on:
Climate change
Circular Economy
Nature-based solutions
We can all be agents of change for the planet
Guardian of Nature Principal and Teacher of the
Year Award 2020-2021
This award is for proactive, innovative principals and teachers with a real impact in the search for environmental solutions for the conservation of natural resources in their schools and communities.

Do you know a principal or teacher who should be awarded? Please write us or encourage them to participate.

Guardians of Nature
Free Educational Platform

We invite you to explore our platform used by teachers, environmental educators, librarians, psychopedagogues and other professionals from 21 countries, mainly in Latin America. Our free educational platform arises from our commitment to break any barrier to access the information necessary to educate new generations to protect our natural resources. Find over a hundred interactive lessons on 12 environmental topics tied to core subjects.
Communication for
Sustainable Development
I am a Guardian (Soy Guardian)
The new song from Guardians of Nature
Meet the Guardian who freed birds from cages
To make Costa Rica a land of Guardians of Nature through the power of new generations and replicating our strategy of collective impact globally, because the well-being and survival of humanity depends on it.

To empower, equip and mobilize youth as Guardians of Nature from their schools and homes, through the collaboration and collective impact of the government, the private sector and civil society.

Thank you to our donors. You make our work possible!