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PEG 6th Congressional District Newsletter 376

Thursday, July 4, 2024

Note from the editors: We at Protectors of Equality in Government (PEG) want to tell you about meaningful ways to stay informed and active. We also want to keep things brief and engaging! Therefore, you'll now see a traditional, in-depth newsletter during the first week of the month, followed by shorter "Ideas for Action" editions the rest of the month. Let us know what you think!

VIDEO: Explain Project 2025 to friends and family in 2 minutes

Events and GOTV (Getting Out the Vote)


Weekly: Inform Michigan Voters (Together or Solo) with Michigan Resistance

From Michigan Resistance: We are an activist group that has been around since 2016. Usually, our focus is on promoting progressive legislative action and stopping things we find harmful. What we do is text people in a certain district and ask them to call their own representatives and ask them to do something. During campaign seasons, we focus on informational texting, such as letting Democrats from purple districts know what their Rep has done for them, or who the liberal supreme court candidates are. If you are interested in joining us, please call or text Terryl Sperlich at 810-516-0923. 


Testimonial from Molly Boren

This is such a friendly and motivated group, and they make it really easy to make a difference. They meet 1-2 times a week and give you detailed instructions. You can join meetings of your choice by Zoom OR in person (usually 6 pm on the west side of Ann Arbor); sometimes it’s nice to be with others doing what you’re doing. Or you can get an assignment and text anytime you want! They choose topics that impact everyday Michiganders’ lives, and specific actions that will actually help. They started after the 2016 election and have persisted heroically ever since – and are also warm and welcoming to people who drop in and out like me.

Step-by-Step Directions on how to vote your absentee ballot [VIDEO]

August 6 is quickly approaching and, especially in Washtenaw County, many key races are decided during the Primary Elections (Not in November). Please watch this video with instructions on how to properly complete your absentee ballot and share it with your friends using this link:

Here is a running view of ballots sent (or ready to be sent) and votes cast, and here is time-based animation showing ballot mailing addresses.

Note! Late ballot arrival typically accounts for more than 70% of ballot rejections.

Deborah Rosenman shows how to fill out a mai

Turn 2022 ballot signers into 2024 pro choice voters!

by Chuck Newman, Founder and Co-Founder of Protectors of Equality in Government (PEG) and Distill Social

I'm determined to ensure that the hundreds of thousands of Reproductive Freedom For All ballot petition signers come out again in 2024 and vote for pro-choice candidates.

If you can help out with writing and sending 50 postcards (you can get your friends and family to help out), please click here and fill out your details and my colleagues at Distill will be in touch with next steps.

Poll Workers: Advocates for Democracy

Michigan is recruiting poll workers, especially now that so many with experience have retired or resigned. Republicans have made it known that they are recruiting an “’unprecedented Election Day army of 100,000 poll workers, monitors, and lawyers” to confront the election fraud they allege takes place in the battleground states.

Although Democrats are skeptical of the GOP’s ability to amass such a force, they are conscious of the need for challengers who represent their interests too, and, above all, more poll workers. (Apply here, for your own or any Michigan municipality!) 

These workers must be above partisanship and committed only to advancing democracy and ensuring that all voters, including those “with disabilities, voters who need language assistance, and voters who want to cast their ballot in person,” are free to vote. 

What’s It Like to Be a Poll Worker, Watcher, or Challenger?

The different roles that make an election run smoothly can be confusing! Poll Watchers (i.e., Election Observers) and Challengers are very different from Poll Workers (i.e., Election Inspectors).. 


Poll Worker, i.e., Election Inspector

According to the Michigan elections website, Election Inspectors, i.e. Poll Workers, are hired, paid, and trained local government workers who assist with running local elections for the early voting period and Election Day, in compliance with Michigan Election Law.

  • Election inspectors may be assigned different responsibilities. At a polling place or early voting site, election inspectors greet and check-in voters, issue ballots, and assist with tabulation. Individuals may also be hired to assist with processing absentee ballots.
  • A few of the details are on the US Election Assistance Commission site, including the amount of compensation at $13 to $17 per hour for Election Day and training. Poll workers using a personal cell phone for elections reasons receive an additional $5. The site also notes that part-day poll worker shifts are available.
  • Go to the state’s website here to become a poll worker


Poll Watcher, i.e., Election Observer

Poll Watchers are volunteers who observe election activities as permitted by election law, but may not assist or challenge voters or Poll Workers. They do not need credentials from a qualified organization and are not hired or recruited by any government.

Poll Challenger, i.e., Election Challenger

Poll Challengers are non-governmental election observers who are appointed and issued a limited number of credentials by a political party, special interest group, or other qualified organization. They may challenge the actions of election inspectors and a person’s eligibility to vote (though they may not approach and question voters), and they may stand or sit behind the workers’ processing table.

Learn more in this summary of the differences between Watchers and Challengers and this detailed explanation of the Appointment, Rights, and Duties of Election Challengers and Poll Watchers.

Register Michiganders to Vote with Field Team 6

Please join Field Team 6 to contact unregistered likely Michigan Democrats... and turn them into registered Michigan Democratic voters! Sign up to:

The One Campaign: Biden/Harris’s Office in Washtenaw County

Work directly with the Biden/Harris campaign. Please get in touch with Grace to volunteer: (313) 439-5990 ghaubert@2024victory.comor register online with these links:

Volunteer with the Washtenaw County Democratic Party 

WCDP says: “It is a crucial year for Washtenaw Dems to engage voters, hear from them, and provide information, and support Democrats all down the ballot.” It’s also fun! Get involved by entering your info here and/or through the links below.

  • Now–July 30: First lit drop. This will be oriented toward voter education, including the permanent mail ballot list and early voting.  
  • Saturdays, July 13 and beyond: Staff the WCDP table at the Ann Arbor Farmer’s Market. 9:00–11:00 AM or 11:00 AM–1:00 pm
  • Saturday, July 27: Annual Garden Party Fundraiser (rain date is July 28)

Hear from Attorney General Dana Nessel, enjoy hosts Anne and Chris Savage’s beautiful organic garden, eat scrumptious homemade food, and connect with fellow Democrats. Register here to attend or to sponsor another attendee. All funds raised help reach voters and increase local turnout, including: outreach activities, voter guides, poll greeting cards, keeping the office open, and more. 3:00–6:00 pm (remarks begin at 4:00)

  • Saturday, August 3: Ann Arbor Pride. Downtown Main Street. Sign up
  • Tuesday, August 6: Manchester Fair Parade. Downtown Staging Area. 5:30 PM Sign up
  • Friday, August 9 & Saturday, August 10: Dexter Summer Festival. 10 AM—8 PM. Sign up
  • Saturday, August 24: Parkridge Summerfest and Joe Dulin Community Day. Parkridge, Ypsilanti. Time TBD
  • Saturday, August 24: Chelsea Fair Parade. Downtown Chelsea. Time TBD
  • August 26–September 4: Targeted post-it campaign in student areas focusing on voter registration.

Lastly, WCDP encourages volunteering with partner organizations. Check here for a broad range of activities.

Visit the PEG Events Page for more upcoming events at!

More Things to read, watch, and view

Does Immigration Help or Hurt the Economy?

According to a recent report from the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office, increased immigration to the US is expected to “drive higher economic growth and labor supply, grow federal revenues, and shrink deficits over the next 10 years.”


According to Huff Post, immigration is one of the reasons that the US economy has withstood interest rate hikes in recent years. “The labor force in 2033 [will be] larger by 5.2 million people, mostly because of higher net immigration. More workers mean more output and that in turn leads to additional tax revenue,” CBO Director Phillip Swagel said in February.


An excellent explanation of CBO’s immigration projections can be found here. There is, of course, stated uncertainty in CBO’s projections, based, for example, on possible changes in immigration policy.

Are you better off today than you were four years ago?

July 2020

Students were going to school from home via Zoom.

We were rationing toilet paper.

People were dying all around us.

Hand sanitizer was gold.

The shelves in stores were empty.

The economy was a mess.

Supply chains collapsed worldwide.

Our president was telling us to drink bleach.

More and more…

July 2024

We need to reduce inflation.

Unemployment is at an all-time low.

Covid is at a low.

15.6 jobs have been added.

NATO added new members.

Student loan debt relief has reached $7.7 billion.

Walgreens, Target, Amazon, and Walmart have announced summer price cuts.

We have enacted the first gun control legislation in years.

Insulin for Medicare recipients has been capped at $35/month.

Decency has returned to the office of the president.

And more and more…

Good News

Rudy Giuliani's Disbarment is Still Good News

An Opinion by Linda Bennett

Hey Rudy “I don't regret a damn thing" Giuliani, we are outraged! Disbarment and bankruptcy bring you shame-more importantly your actions have upended the lives of Ruby Moss and Wandre Shaye Moss. His response to this according to a Business Insider Newsletter:

"I know that my country had a president imposed on it by fraud," he said, These are not conspiracy theories these are facts."

While the jury awarded $148 million in damages to Ms. Ruby Moss and her daughter Ms. Wandre “Shaye” Moss, this cannot totally soothe their spirit which you broke in 2020. Perhaps in addition to this, justice would be served if you experience strangers banging on your doors at all hours, people using bullhorns saying you were not safe in your own home in the middle of night, or, fearing for your life, you run and you can’t stop running! Rudy, this is living hell you created with defamation, racist threats, and harassment, for the two women Georgia election workers doing their job. How does it feel to ruin at least two people's lives who just happen to be Women of Color?

statue-of-liberty-no-text-dark-blue transparent.png

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