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Having explored the forces re-shaping the consumer industry, the business sessions will spotlight some of the future growth areas for travel, including the next silvers.  

The Baby Boomer market has been the subject of much research and debate over the last decade. However, little attention has so far been given to the next generation of silvers - the younger Gen X and older millennials - who are approaching their half century landmark. 

Many are at the peak of their income potential – the 40-somethings are the only age group that have reported the most consistent rise in disposable income over the last five years. However, they are also the generation with the least time for leisure and multiple demands on their attention span. What’s more, over 90% of them say they can’t recall an advertising campaign with someone their age in it. 

Questions that arise for travel include how businesses can understand the wealth, values, cultural influences and needs of this mighty new cohort, and how the changing demographic landscape across the wider spectrum of ageing will influence both product planning and marketing over the next decade. 

The session will be presented by Debbie Marshall, Managing Director, Silver Marketing Association.

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Supporting Partner

We are pleased to announce that Avis Budget Group will be a Supporting Partner of this year's Travel Convention.  

If you're interested in sponsoring the Convention, we invite you to explore the various promotional opportunities available here.

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"An excellent opportunity to network"

"It's a fantastic Convention. Well planned, well organised, with great speakers and an excellent opportunity to network."

Stuart Simmons, Gold Medal

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