John initially established Chehalis Valley Farm to provide his community with pasture-raised poultry, including chickens, ducks, and turkeys, because they tend to be staple foods. He saw an opportunity to offer more ethically-raised poultry than what is widely available through factory farms. In 2016, he began raising pigs in the wooded areas of his land. Pigs begin the rotation by clearing underbrush (which also supports wildfire prevention!) so that poultry can follow and move onto cover crop seeded pastures. John has been managing his land organically but will certify for the first time in the next year.

John owns and operates an on-farm poultry processing facility certified by the Washington State Department of Agriculture. During the pandemic, he applied for and received a grant under Washington's Covid-19 Relief Grant program that allowed him to get equipment to expand his processing capacity and better meet the high demand from nearby farmers who turned to him when other facilities had long wait times. Iroquois Valley met John through The Little Farm By The Sea, another farm in Grays Harbor County, WA that processes their poultry at John's facility.

Chehalis Valley products are available direct to consumers at farmers markets, on the farm for pick up, in Seattle's whole animal butcher shop, Beast & Cleaver, and in various restaurants and grocery stores.