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November | 2020

Welcome to the November edition of mk North America's monthly newsletter.

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Conveyors & Linear Motion
Completing and Complimenting Each Other
Linear positioning systems and conveyors each have their own unique, yet complimentary, functions in industrial automation. Often these two pieces of equipment are stand-alone solutions. But when you combine the two – conveyors and linear positioning system – a truly unique, one-of-a-kind solution, emerges, harnessing the power of each module into a powerful, versatile, material handling solution.
Chain Options for a Safer Conveyor
Accumulating roller chain conveyors are the ideal conveyor platform for accumulating and storing pallets. This is due to the type of chain used in these conveyors (see image image in article). Conveyors, such as the SRF-P 2045 and SRF-P 2010, which are designed using this chain, accumulate pallets with little-to-no backpressure. 

However, this chain is not without a downside. It is often criticized for the space between the rollers - which can allow small parts to get into the conveyor and is often seen as unsafe around human operators. But there is an alternative - continue to our article to learn more.
Video of the Month
"At mk North America we believe our people make the difference. It’s their ingenuity, their passion and their dedication that makes mk stand out as the leading manufacturer of standard and custom material handling solutions." - Andreas Haussmann, President
Product Spotlight
KMF-P 2040: Curved Plastic Modular Belt Conveyor
The KMF-P 2040 is a plastic modular belt conveyor, specifically designed for conveying product around corners.

Capable of loads up to 330 lbs. this conveyor also boasts a narrow frame width in comparison to the belt width.

Available in 1,005 mm and length to 10,000 meters with a variety of layout options the KMF-P 2040 is sure to fill you curved conveyor needs.
CAD360! allows you to quickly and easily generate and download conveyor models.
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