Hi, folks!

  • As you likely know from our regular reminders leading up to August, we're officially in the thick of PA Produce Month. This is why PA Veggies was thrilled to publish our first digital cookbook, Pennsylvania Vegetables, to celebrate the occasion. It's also the world's first PA-based collaborative digital cookbook of recipes & resources.
The book is 125 pages long and almost every page can act as its own piece of promotional material (printed or digitally) - that's A LOT of material.

We silently alerted the press and a few other folks on Monday and word is already starting to spread. We haven't even emailed consumers yet.

We'd love for you to get to them first!


  • Download the entire PDF file (Full or Compressed) and use it as a lead magnet, like we taught you in our webinar earlier this year. You'll just need to set up a landing page and request the audiences' email addresses in order for them to access the PDF. Let me know if you need help!

  • Select some of the single page excerpts from below (or request another specific single page excerpt by emailing angela@kitchentableconsultants.com). You can print the page as a promotional piece or use the single page in the same way mentioned above, as a lead magnet, or just as a promotional post.
Single Cookbook Pages to Use as Promotional Material
Download/save to your device and post on social.
Print and place at your point of sale.
Request more HERE.
Square Promotional Material
Ideal for social media.
More available HERE.
Horizontal Promotional Material
Ideal for Facebook Cover, Email, or Blog
More available HERE.
8.5x11 Promotional Material
Ideal for printing, like a flyer.
More colors available HERE
More topics and content available HERE
More styles and themes available HERE
More videos available on the PA Veggies YouTube Channel & Facebook Page
Please consider forwarding this to a PA farmer or advocate of the local food industry.