For Eclectics Gallery,   making art has become “making it up as we go….” The pandemic of 2020 has caused changes in everyone’s life and we are learning to adapt our business to the new realities.

Since Mid-March, Eclectics Gallery has started
  • a weekly newsletter
  • selling masks online
  • an online store for selected gift items
  • testing a pick up/curbside service 

With restrictions being lifted, we are now planning for a soft re-opening of the store soon, following CDC and local recommendations for distancing, masks, and limits to number of customers and reduced hours.

In the meantime we have another new idea: Eclectics Private Shopping would require masks and safety precautions to be in place but we are happy to make appointments for you to come shop with us. EPS will be by appointment - email with Private Shopping in the subject line or call 816-361-6643 and we will set you up.

Thank you to all who have purchased masks or gifts online - you helped us continue to pay the rent. We look forward to seeing you, our loyal customers, SOON!

Jenny, Lynette, Dian, Marne, Gale, Kathleen,
Kathy, Lauri, Heidi, Cathy, Leslie, Rita, Sherri

For the picture above:
These beaded beauties were made during the quarantine to help pass the time!
 They are 2"x2" pins, to liven up your coat or scarf.
By Rita Sherman: $45 each