The EPN Consulting Newsletter No. 103 | March 2019
The Editorial
Dear Colleague, 
Being an entrepreneur is a tough job: you must know the size and characteristics of the field/industry where you would like to sell your products/services, know your competitors (at local, regional, national and international level), design the annual budget taking into account potential sudden changes of plan due to unforeseen events, select your collaborators, manage them, encourage them... Read more
The freedom to travel intelligently
As we witness rapid global urbanisation, hand in hand with increasing levels of traffic emissions and pollution, it’s clear we need to take action. While many may consider it an unsolvable task, the solution is at hand: Read more
European Capital of Smart Tourism 2020
The European Commission launched a new competition to award the title of "European Capital of Smart Tourism 2020" to 2 European cities with the smartest, most innovative and inclusive approaches to their tourism development. Read more
The EC delivers on Circular Economy Action Plan
The European Commission published a comprehensive report on the implementation of the Circular Economy Action Plan it adopted in Dec 2015. The report presents the main results of implementing the action plan and sketches out open challenges to paving the way towards a climate-neutral, competitive circular economy where pressure on natural and freshwater resources as well as ecosystems is minimised. The findings of the report will be discussed during the annual Circular Economy Stakeholder Conference that took place in Brussels last 6-7 March.... Read more
68 top-class innovative companies get €120 million from H2020 SME Instrument
The EC received 1848 proposals for the 9 January 2019 cut-off of the SME Instrument Phase 2 and 68 from 19 countries were selected for funding. The companies will receive a total amount of €119.9 million to share between their projects to get their innovations faster on the market. Read more
EPN Consulting invites you to the OPEN MOBILITY Conference next 11 Apr 2019
EPN Consulting is excited to invite you to the OPEN MOBILITY CONFERENCE 2019 held at Kanal, Brussels, on 11th Apr 2019. The Conference is co-organised by the TravelSpirit Foundation and MaaS Alliance. This new event will examine how to build an open ecosystem of mobility and lay the foundations for seamless Mobility as a Service (MaaS). EPN Consulting Members, Clients, Readers enjoy an exclusive 25% discount on tickets when registering to the conference by clicking on this link.... Read more
The Website of the Month: EURADA
Founded in 1992, the European Association of Development Agencies (EURADA) gathers people working on economic development through a large network of 82 members throughout 23 countries in the European Union and beyond. We connect our members with other regional development agencies, business partners and European authorities.

Upcoming Professional Events - find many more in our Events Section
28 Mar 2019 - Deadline to submit proposals to No.15 H2020 ICT calls

02 Apr 2019 – Deadline to submit proposals to the H2020 [DT-ICT-01-2019] call (IA, CSA – Smart Anything Everywhere)

02 Apr 2019 – Deadline to submit proposals to the H2020 [DT-ICT-07-2018-2019] call (IA, CSA – Digital Manufacturing Platforms for Connected Smart Factories)

02 Apr 2019 – Deadline to submit proposals to the H2020 [DT-ICT-11-2019] call (IA – Big data solutions for energy)

02 Apr 2019 – Deadline to submit proposals to the H2020 [MSCA-RISE-2019] call (MSCA-RISE – Research and Innovation Staff Exchange)

28 Mar 2019 - Deadline to submit proposals to No.13 H2020 SwafS ( Science with and for Society) calls

03 Apr 2019 – Deadline to submit proposals to the H2020 [EIC-SMEInst-2018-2020] call (IA, SME Instrument Phase 2, 2nd cut-off date)

03 Apr 2019 – Deadline to submit proposals to the H2020 [LCE-Prize-CO2Reuse-01-2016] call ( Horizon prize for CO2 reuse)

16 April 2019 – Deadline to submit proposals to No.18 H2020 SESAR calls
27-28 Mar 2019 – Malaga (ES) – GREENCITIES 2019 – 10th Forum of Urban Intelligence and Sustainability

27-28 Mar 2019 – Frankfurt (DE) – European Fuels Markets & Refining Strategy Conference 2019

28 Mar 2019 – Telford (UK) – Battery Tech Expo

02-03 Apr 2019 – Brussels (BE) – EUCAD 2019 – EU Connected and Automated Driving

02-04 Apr 2019 – Birmingham (UK) – TRAFFEX 2019

04-05 Apr 2019 – Turin (IT) – DROIDCON TURIN 2019

09-10 Apr 2019 – Pilsen (CZ) – 5th Conference on Smart and Healthy Transport in cities

10-11 Apr 2019 – London (UK) – SMART TO FUTURE CITIES


10-11 April 2019 – Basel (CH) – SMART SUISSE 2019

11 Apr 2019 – Brussels (BE) – OPEN MOBILITY Conference 2019 (Discount for EPN Consulting readers) by TravelSpirit & Maas Alliance
EPN Consulting will attend this event
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