Dear Readers, 

Like colours of Spring, at American Schools of Angola the beginning of second semester brought with it achievement, accolades and insights. It was heartwarming to see teachers capitalise on every situation as an opportunity to make the young scholars learn and grow. When one of our kindergarten students lost his first tooth, Ms Yirisai made it a moment of celebration making it a life lesson. A sudden unforeseen change in schedule during a school picnic was presented by Ms Aky Naveda as a time to explain how to “Expect the unexpected” and build resilience. We are also thrilled to share the musical landmarks achieved by our teacher Mr Dennis Samaya. 

Alignment of Sustainable Development Goals and our teaching learning practices, gives us an opportunity to nurture responsible citizens. Amogh Bhardwaj (Grade 6 student) expressed his commitment towards Gender Equality by sketching a balanced See-Saw during Resiliart. 

Being an Inclusive and student-centred School, we provide an ecosystem of relevance for every child. Children with Special Needs have unique capabilities, and we are committed to give them wings. We are grateful to our parent community for their continued trust in us, generously expressed in their testimonials. 

Wishing all of you a very happy Easter and a rejuvenating spring break. 


Dr. Babita Parashar (Academic Director)


American Schools of Angola has proven to be an exceptional school for our son, Isaac. After moving to Luanda after COVID, we had decided to continue homeschooling because he excelled using an online curriculum. But after a year, he missed attending school and we started researching our school options. We took this task very seriously since Isaac would be starting high school.

ASA stood out to us because of their hybrid teaching approach and use of technology. Additionally, Isaac is on the Autism spectrum, and choosing inclusive learning environments was a main priority. Through his elementary years, inclusion had not only helped him socialize, but kept him on level with typical peers. From our first meeting, we were impressed with the knowledge of the ASA staff on learning differences, academic supports that were offered and the school's inclusive environment. A strong partnership formed naturally as a plan was put in place for Isaac's transition back to a school environment. 


The most important benefit to our choice to send Isaac to ASA is that Isaac is happy and enjoys going to school everyday. We are so pleased he has started out his high school career strongly and well supported. We are very excited to see him continue to thrive at the American Schools of Angola! 


Matthew and Melody Jones 


We congratulate AMBRÓSIO SANTOS (High School Student) on his selection for Boston Summer Springboard Program 2024. Congratulations to one of our Extraordinary Students.

It is with great joy and pride that we share the latest achievement of our 11-year-old student GEOVANI FELICIANO! He took part in a high-level competitive event in South Africa. More specifically, on 16 and 17 February. The famous African Karting Cup.

Congratulations Geovani!


Ms. Yirisai Ortega, our ever so happy kindergarten homeroom teacher. she is sensitive beyond limits, hugs and laughter is her pedagogy. We celebrate her as an asset to Team American schools of Angola.


Glimpses from the team bonding days marking the moments when teachers from the American Schools of Angola visited a leisure site with ecological values alive with fauna and flora near the Kwanza River.




One of the American Schools of Angola teachers, the math teacher at the school and the course coordinator, will be explaining a little bit about blended learning. You may have heard about it before.  

So, what is blended learning? It's a learning that unites two different types of learning, in-presence learning and online teaching. So, it's very, very useful, especially right now, because of how the world is changing.  

Most of the students cannot have access to the school when they are out of the country or what else. But because of this program, the student can have access to the courses. They can study wherever they are, even if they are outside of the school.  


They can study online, and we can check or monitor the student. In ASA, we have applied this method since we started, since ASA is an international school. And when our students are away from the school, they can see the back test to their courses, we can check their progress. They can do all the tests as well. And one point that I would like to mention is that some of the teachers in ASA are from United States of America. 


So how do they check the courses? How do they do all the checking? Because of this program, because of this program. So, they can have access to the student, they can do the marking, they can program the test, and sometimes when the student has some questions, they can program sometime as well to do the explanation and stuff. So, it's a unique and useful program they've implemented, and we so part of it. 




Valentines Day, celebrations of love with lots of laughter around.

What do I think about Valentine's Day? 


Valentine’s Day for me is a day to show love for another person or others, it’s a day when we can find our love, and our love is not just our girlfriend or boyfriend, it can be our mom or dad, or our friends too!

Things that we can do to commemorate Valentine's Day: ​

You can take the person you love to the restaurant, mall, park, etc.  

Or it can also be a small thing, the important thing is to show that you love the person next to you!!​ 


Ariane Fuema 

I am going to talk about my best friend. Her name is Liliany, she's 13 years old, she's in the 8th grade. 

The nickname I gave to her is Lilinha because she calls me Fran. We love each other. 

She is a great friend, she supports me at all times when I am happy and sad, when we are together, we like to talk a lot, because I don't have time apart from Monday to Saturday, we talk on Sunday's morning. Then we exchange thoughts and feelings. We trust each other. That is all we expect from friendship and love. No doubt about it. We have each other when we need. 

We consider ourselves sisters because I love her very much and we are big fans of each other. 


Felismina Ucuassapi 

Valentine's Day may be traced back to the ancient Roman celebration of Lupercalia, which was held on February 15. This event was a fertility celebration honoring Faunus, the Roman god of agriculture, as well as Romulus and Remus, the founders of Rome. During this festival, young women's names were placed in a box and pulled by young men, who were then partnered with the selected lady for the duration of the festival, or perhaps longer if the match proved successful. 

Later, the Christian church attempted to replace this pagan feast with a commemoration honoring a Christian martyr. Saint Valentine's Day was established by Pope Gelasius I in AD 496 to commemorate the martyrdom of Saint Valentine of Rome, who was imprisoned for performing weddings for soldiers who were forbidden to marry and ministering to Christians persecuted under the Roman Empire. According to folklore, he cured his jailer's daughter during his confinement, and before his death, he sent her a note signed "Your Valentine" as a farewell. 

The medieval custom of courtly love is thought to have inspired the association of Valentine's Day with romantic love. This custom stressed chivalry and nobility, and it was frequently communicated through secret love letters and romantic gestures. Valentine's Day was initially associated with romantic love in the 14th century writings of Geoffrey Chaucer. Chaucer connects the custom of courtly love with the celebration of St. Valentine's feast day in his poem "Parliament of Fowls," implying that February 14 was the day when birds picked their lovers. 

Valentine's Day has grown throughout time into a day when couples express their love for one another by exchanging greeting cards, presents, flowers, and confectionary. Sending Valentine's Day cards dates back to the 18th century in England, when friends and lovers began exchanging tiny mementos of affection or handwritten letters. The industrial revolution and advances in printing technology enabled widespread manufacture of Valentine's Day cards, which extended to the United States and other areas of the world. 

Valentine's Day has become a highly marketed event in modern times, with businesses marketing a broad range of Valentine's-themed items and services, such as flowers, chocolates, jewelry, and romantic vacations. Americans are projected to spend billions of dollars on Valentine's Day presents and celebrations each year, making it one of the most profitable holidays for businesses, according to the National Retail Federation. 

Valentine's Day is celebrated differently in different cultures and countries. People in certain nations, including the United States, Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, France, and Australia, exchange cards, flowers, and presents with their loved ones. Other nations, such as Japan and South Korea, celebrate Valentine's Day differently, with women giving presents to men and men returning on a distinct occasion known as White Day. 

In addition to romantic affection, Valentine's Day has evolved into a day to express love and appreciation for family and friends. Children share Valentine's Day cards and sweets with their classmates in many schools and towns, while adults of all ages use the occasion to show thanks and affection for the key people in their life. 


Uriel Fuema 




Mr. Dennis Samaya, our music teacher was invited to the first edition of Duo Canhoto's "Sexta-Feira de Trova" show in 2024. Wishing him a lot of success in his music journey.


Have you ever heard of the International Mother Tongue Day? It is a worldwide celebration to promote the preservation and protection of the language diversity of the world's peoples.

Multilingualism is knowledge of multiple languages.




A platform to invite our parent community members for sharing their experiences of work life with students. An enriching and inclusive heart to heart talk.




Students and teachers participated in golf and horse-riding lessons, sports that help with motor coordination, emotional balance, the neurological system, and reduce stress.




We celebrated International Women's Day with a fun event that included students, teachers, and staff. Happy International Women's Day! Keep shining bright and inspiring change.




Elementary School Visit to Coin age Museum.

It was an enriching experience to understand evolution of money. From Salt trade, barter system, coins to currency notes: Its been an exciting journey.


One day the school they made an announcement saying ssaying "boys and girls on March 5th we are going on a field trip" i was very excited and nervous. Once we arrived at museum we waited so much but the teacher said we still had one more choice to go to the coin museum!

The coin museum was amazing, we saw all the old stuff (amazing). We learned about the old stuff who used to be money. My favorite things about the museum was the coins, money and teachers.

Cayena Lopes

The coin game was difficult and very funny but the machine had a problem, and because of that we could not continue.

Knowing that they were already thinking about the future of the country made me feel realived.

Trying to assemble and find the pieces was difficult and fun, it was a good game.

My favorite things about the museum was the coin games, the future coins and the coin puzzle

Jadiel Neto

The coin museum was the best! I liked a lot, I had a lot of fun. I playedwith my friends, I saw big coins and I also did a test.

The most expensive thing that I saw was a,00 dollar bill. I liked a lot it was the funniest trip I've ever been.

My favorite things about the museum was the gold bar, having fun and the dollar bill.

Paulo Gaspar

When we entered the coin museum I felt anxious, nervous and happy. It was very fun, there was a lot of distraction, one of them we needed to try to touch a real gold bar, then there was a game that showed the value of the old money, after we needed to hold a kind of circle with the image of the old currency and put that circle in a hole but first you needed to choose what you wanted to buy for example I chose a bread that costs 1.000kzs, I needed to put the circle in the hole and it would process the valeu.

There was also a puzzle but some of the pieces were broken so that part was hard, then there was a photo machine that puted your face in a circle where the president stays in the money note, and the photo would be sended to the teachers e-mail, also there was a big screen that reflected you but as you were virtual money. It was very good.

My favotite things about the museum was holding the gold bar, the game machine and the big coinson the floor.

Rayna Henriques




On this World Water Day, we took a moment to reflect on the crucial role that water plays in our lives. Water is not just a resource, it's a lifeline for all living beings, from tiny organisms to humans. It's the foundation of our ecosystem, and without it, we simply cannot survive. So, let's pledge to conserve and protect this invaluable resource so that future generations can enjoy its benefits just as we do today.


In celebration of International Women's Day and the anniversary of the city of Luanda, the ResiliArt Angola Gallery hosted the group exhibition FLORES DA NOSSA LUANDA.

Expo Flores da nossa Luanda (Flowers of our Luanda) is a group exhibition by various artists from the Resiliart Angola project, which was presented with the aim of paying tribute to all women in relation to March 8, a day marked by the struggle for gender equality in the 1970s. Taking advantage of the occasion, we are also celebrating the anniversary of our capital city.




Brushes, paints of different colors and canvases are the tools prepared by the artists of the ResiliArt Angola project.

For a day of live painting with the little artists from the American Schools of Angola at the ResiliArt gallery to celebrate the day of the Expansion of the Armed Struggle for National Liberation.




The ResiliArt Angola gallery held a round table panel discussion on the theme THE POSITIONING OF ARTISTS IN THE LACK OF EQUALITY IN THE ART MARKET, which was attended by renowned artist Fineza Teta, Belnike, Lúwe André, Liana Raimundo and other artists and lovers of the creative arts who had the opportunity to share their experiences in the art world.




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Estrada da Samba, Condóminio Rosalinda Bloco 2