A Fourth of July Float Design

for your consideration

Have You Looked into the HOLY BIBLE?

The Truth will Set YOU Free

So many Vermonters have little awareness of what is in the Bible. Might we team to help them peek inside, talk to God, know what is inside the book that has been a guidepost throughout mankind's history?

This is not a fancy float, so it is intentionally easy to replicate. It is a plain jane float that can be embellished with costuming - uniforms, clowns, ma / pa Kettle with a pitchfork, Bible characters, old preacher's cloak, Red White and Blue attire and of course Vermont farm work clothes... 

Might it be a multi-denominational endeavor?

Jesus prayed for unity midst His followers. Jn 17

It is geared towards simplicity, but can be embellished with flags, Red White Blue trimmings, flowers... other ideas welcomed. 

The real meat of the float's presence is in the handbills distributed - more on that below 

Encourage FUN - maybe some rollerbladers for some visual variation in the motion - any jugglers?  Before the judge's stand - might you sing - The B-I-B-L-E, yes, that's the book for me?  

Add a speaker and some Patriotic or Faith songs if you can.

No church names - just a focus on the Bible.

Handbills about the Uniqueness of the Bible on one side and links to Trypraying,org, Godlife.com, and theHopeproject.org on the other side are available to download at this link - vthope.clujb/downloads.html

Trypraying.org invites people to try talking to God about answers to their questions and invites God to respond personally.

Godlife.com is global and huge. Their videos clips are on diverse topics. There is opportunity to connect with someone who will give Biblical answers to their questions. They network to supply responses to 6 inquiries every second.

TheHOPEproject.org provides a 2 hour overview of the entire Bible - OR - it can be done much slower and provides in depth Bible studies sufficient for a year.