Employee Spotlight: Meet The Wilda's

Keith Wilda part Owner to Great Falls and two sister farms, Blue Stream Cape Cod and Blue Stream New Hampshire.

We Asked Keith...

How did your family get started in Aquaculture?
Keith's Answer: My wife and I have been working in aquaculture together for fifteen years. It's actually how we met. It only seemed natural to take our passion for providing healthy food, and our love for fish farming and turn it into something we could build upon for our family. It's something we all do together.

What is your favorite part of living on one of the farms? (Keith and his family live at the Cape Cod farm raising trout.)
Keith's Answer: The commute is definitely a bonus! Also, walking out my door everyday to one of the most historic hatcheries in Massachusetts and keeping it alive for future generations is a great feeling. We also have gone solar. Doing positive things for the environment is something we strive for.

Lets talk about Barramundi. What makes the facility at Great Falls so unique?
Keith's Answer: It starts with the incredible employees we have that keep it running for us day to day. It's so unique because it is one of the largest recirculating indoor facilities in the country that produces high quality protein in the Connecticut River Valley.

If you were to write a memoir about you and your family, what would it be called?
Keith's Answer: Get Splashed! Life of a Fish Farmer.

What is one thing you want everyone to know about fish farming?
Keith's Answer: That it is a sustainable way to grow quality protein.