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These simple yet profound words will give you a moment to pause, when you are feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, lonely or confused. My dog, Kasperel loved going for walks but on some days as we started up the hill, she would abruptly STOP in her steps – no way she was going to move! Always reminding me of a mule, after all, she did have a spirited mind of her own. My first reaction was to get upset or even angry … but what good does that do? Truly, I needed to just RELAX … to breath and find out what she was trying to tell me. Did the hill look too big for this little 8 lb dog? Was I in a hurry and she wasn’t? What was she sensing that I was missing? Interesting, have you ever felt that same way in life? At this point, I would begin to talk to her in a relaxed manner and it soon became apparent that once this happened and she had her REST (or maybe she wanted me to rest before proceeding) she would scurry up the hill as if nothing had happened. I can’t help but wonder what a wise little dog she was. Take time this week to find your "stop, relax, and rest."
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