Vol. 4
Oct 26, 2020
Impact Cares
in Michigan and Illinois
We were blessed with many volunteers at Franklin Woods! Twenty Impact employees and their families came along with several vendors from other areas. Rick and Steve from Clayton Homes even joined us for part of the day! In total we had 56 volunteers, including 29 residents! Dan H. and Todd B. dug right in and worked on some of the hardest jobs of the day! We have great employees who are willing to give of their time and their hearts to help others!
Project at Franklin Woods
Project at Redwood
Redwood is a great community with kind, generous people and great kids! We didn't have any outside volunteers but were so fortunate to have 31 residents show up on event day, plus 13 employees and their families! Two particular residents, Luke and Rick, joined us every day during the week prior to the event, often after spending long days at their jobs, to help with projects.
Franklin Woods

The Franklin Woods community located in Niles, MI is a community filled with a great diversity of folks! Niles has historically been known as the 'City of Four Flags' due the diversity of the nations that have flown...

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Redwood MHP

Pontiac, Illinois, a place where historically, 'Pontiac's Wear Well'. So the saying went a long time ago in the 1800's when Pontiac was well known for its shoe manufacturing. Pontiac, part of what many today refer to as 'fly-over-country' is one...

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Employee Highlight
Joe is the Community Manager for the Colonial Gardens Community in Weston, Wisconsin. He started out in the maintenance position but soon moved into a head maintenance postion. He is now the Community Manager for the community. Joe loves Impact Cares and what we do. He drove 5 hours to help out at both the Lakeview and Edison Estates projects in Oshkosh. When Joe isn't busy managing Colonial Gardens, or helping at Impact Cares events, he enjoys spending time with his kids and fishing.
Sponsor Highlight
Big shout out to Tom, the Sherwin Williams paint representative. He was touched by what we were doing and gave us a huge discount on paint!

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