Jean Richcreek, Chair, JA Staff Alumni Network
Chair's Corner
JA USA is now 100 years old, and 100% ready to take on the challenges and opportunities of this new decade. So too is the JA Staff Alumni Network. It is 2020 and we are focused on achieving our mission to  provide a network for staff alumni and to further the mission of JA USA.     
In the past 3 years, we have grown the membership of the JA Staff Alumni Network 300%.  With the talents, experience, and interests of over 275 members, we are positioned to make a significant contribution to JA, and at the same time continue to grow and develop a very viable and sustainable organization for the future.
In this newsletter, you will see an article about a student achiever who became a JA Staff Professional and then applied what she learned in JA to another successful career. You will also see an article updating you on our very successful Connect Alumni Campaign. Finally, Frank McIntosh has an important message about our fund drive which supports scholarships to JA  professionals and students.
There are many other things to look forward to in the next six months. Watch for information about our newest members, and a preview of the annual meeting and Conference in Fort Worth this coming July. We should also have some preliminary results from our Engagement survey to share. 
Feature Articles
The Power of Our Organization
Frank McIntosh
Chair, Fund Development Committee

JA Staff Alumni Network … a Pioneer legacy – a lot of words for one, two-hundred-and-seventy-member group, but not a lot of words, if you consider the power within the organization. The power of our organization is derived from the dynamic and dedicated members, bold entrepreneurs, savvy marketers, vibrant trainers, sharp financiers, supportive managers, and dedicated administrators. Ours is a group of purposeful individuals, not for the sake of money, but rather for the strength of our mission.
This is the DNA of every member. This is our shared experience. This is what separates us from other groups. We have gone places that few others ever had access to like Board Rooms and Superintendent’s offices. We stood with athletes, influencers, film stars, and opinion leaders.

Most importantly, we provided a grounding for millions of students each and every year. Their futures were tied by one degree or another to our methodologies. We could look in the mirror and say with confidence that we made a difference.

We are kicking off our Fund Drive in this month of February, and already, fifty-three of you have committed more than $17,000 to the effort, for an average of $323 per person. We are off to an exciting start. Great starts are only good, if they lead to even better finishes.

Your dollars support the continuation of the legacy that we left behind. New JA executives will receive learning experiences that they wouldn’t otherwise get, and staff members will be motivated by the colleagues who receive our awards.

We will welcome and appreciate whatever gift feels right to you, however, I’m asking each member to consider a minimum gift of $100. What is most important is that everyone contributes something.

We have been the leaders and innovators of Junior Achievement and we can remain leaders in the JA movement even today. Let’s prove it. Make your contribution today.

Making a donation is easy. Go to our Website where you will find directions for “mailing a check” or “contributing electronically”. You can even donate in small monthly increments.
So, please donate today.
JA Student Becomes JA Professional
Pam Seaholm
Knowing that it was through the generous donation of time and money of others that provided me the opportunity to participate in JA, I am now honored to give back through donations of my own. 
15,000 and Still Growing
Shawn O'Hara
Chair, Connect Alumni Campaign
“W hen the Connect Alumni effort started three years ago, we had about 6,000 alumni in the JA Areas CRMs. Today, it’s over 15,000. I think everything you did had a big impact on how JA Areas view  alumni, ” said Ed Grocholski, Senior Vice President of Brand.