February 2019
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Awrel will start a beta program for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant at the Chicago Mid-Winter Meeting. Contact  Info@Awrel.com for more information.
The Case for more efficient communication
Business Texting
by  Bryan Anderson  | Mar 26, 2018 |  Consider the following compelling statistics and research
Regardless of age, no one likes listening to long voicemails, playing phone tag or being left on hold. Everyone appreciates the efficiency of texting. It is now the most often-used application on the hundreds of millions of smartphones in the United State
Officer texting
  • “On average, Americans exchange five times as many texts as they do phone calls.” (Information)
  • “64% of respondents say they NEVER answer calls from unknown numbers.” (True Caller)
  • “Only 33% even listen to voicemails from business contacts.” (Forbes and Cisco VNI Update)
  • “Over 50% of voicemails are not listened to for at least 8 hours.” (Nuance Communications)
  • “Over 30% of voicemails linger unheard for 3 days or longer” (NY Times)

Awrel is a free desktop and mobile HIPAA compliant text messaging app. Share, store and discuss patient images and CBCT in a secure Awrel Text message

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