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Special Announcement
Local Ford EV Update
Eugen Dunlap, Director/Charging Networks with SacEV reports that the Ford dealer in Dixon has a number of Mach-E and Ford F-150 Lightnings on their lot and will sell at MSRP, so no mark-up. 
Dealership Information Here
Grants Accepting Applications
CARB Clean Off-Road Equipment Voucher Incentive Project (CORE) 2023 Launch
  • $182M Available
  • Manufacturers & Dealers Encouraged to submit for equipment verification by June 15
  • Fleet applications accepted beginning July 18
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Innovative Small e-Fleet (ISEF) Program Update
July 19 - Virtual
  • HVIP Funding for fleets with 20 or fewer trucks
  • California-based, privately owned trucking companies, independent owner-operators, and non-profits with fewer than 20 trucks and an annual revenue of less than $15 million
  • Non-profits are not disqualified by revenue
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CEC "EnergIIZE" Drayage Fleet and the Transit Set-Aside Funding
  • Funding Pairs HVIP Incentives with infrastructure (EnergIIZE) project incentives
  • Drayage Funding $22.275M
  • Transit Funding $11.4M
  • Funding Open 7/27/23 to 8/25/23
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DOE "Ride & Drive Electric" $51M FOA Funding
  • Resilience strategies and plans for EV charging networks to ensure adequate and equitable access to reliable EV charging services;
  • Projects that will assess, develop, and/or test business models that integrate EV and/or charger deployment in ways that deliver mobility, economic, or other benefits to Justice40 and underserved communities;
  • Developing a diverse and highly skilled workforce within the electrified transportation industry to support the deployment and maintenance of EV charging related equipment including equipment;
  • Establish teams to assess the performance, reliability, and usability of AC Level 2 charging and/or DC fast charging (DCFC) stations across the United States.
  • Applications due 7/28/23
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Consumer Electronics Battery Recycling, Reprocessing, and Battery Collection DE-FOA-0002897
  • $125 million;
  • Funding projects focusing on recycling of electronics batteries and battery-containing devices;
  • Increasing consumer participation in the recycling of batteries and battery-containing devices;
  • Concept Papers Due 8/17, Full applications due 11/29
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EPA 2023 Clean School Bus (CSB) Grant Program
  • $400 million in competitive grant funding for zero-emission school buses, clean school buses, and EVSE.
  • Two grant categories: school district and Tribal applicants; and third-party applicants.
  • Priority given to replace buses serving high-need local education agencies, rural areas, Tribal school districts and public school districts receiving basic support payments for students living on Tribal land, and rural areas. 
  • At least 40% of the funding will go to disadvantaged communities.
  • Grant deadline: Tuesday, August 22.
Webinar Info Here
Grant Info Here
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New Updates, Regulations, and Requirements
CARB Moyer Funding Workshop on Marine Vessel Funding
July 28 - Virtual
  • Expanding eligible vessel types to include newly regulated vessels. 
  • Update maximum funding percentage for various project types and emission standards. 
  • Propose criteria for vessel replacement projects. 
  • Propose minimum 1-year project life to assist vessels with approaching compliance deadlines. 
  • Propose criteria for ZE and ZE capable hybrid vessels.
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Sacramento Clean Cities Sponsors Make The News
GM Bi-Directional Charging
GM has provided some details about their Vehicle-to-Home (V2H) bi-directional 19.2 kW L2 chargers dubbed “PowerShift.” Output from the vehicle to the home is capped at 9.6kW. GM has partnered with SunPower for the home installs that can include energy storage and higher power levels. 
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GM Battery Health Software
GM has acquired an Israeli startup, ALGOLION, that has developed software to monitor battery packs, recognize battery cell issues that are developing and warn of potential failures including battery fires. 
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Advanced Clean Fleets Regulation Overview
The California Trucking Association (CTA) will host a members-only meeting on the recently adopted Advanced Clean Fleets Regulation in Lodi on 7/26. 
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2030 National Charging Network Report Available

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) has published a report on the number, type, and location of chargers needed to power a growing number of light-duty EVs nationwide..
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Alternative Fuel Insight
SAE Will Standardize NACS
SAE has announced that they will create a standard for the charging scheme that Tesla developed, the North American Charging Standard (NACS). Achieving an SAE standard will make it possible for more companies to manufacture NACS devices. 
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Electrify America Adds Tesla Connectors
Electrify America has announced that they will add North American Charging Standard (NACS i.e. the “Tesla Standard”) ports to their US & Canada sites, while also maintaining CCS ports.
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How to Prolong the Life of Your Electric Vehicle Battery
  • Avoid parking in extreme temperatures    
  • Keep the battery between 20% and 80% state of charge
  • Minimize Use of Fast Charging Stations - Fast charging strains your EV battery 
  • Maintain Optimal State of Charge While Vehicle is Stored
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Small Modular Reactors, the Future of Nuclear Power
Small Modular [fission] Reactors (SMR - <300MW)) are evolving quickly, and are already operating in China and Russia. Technical advances like assembly-line production, baseload and demand-following power, convection coolant circulation and significant process heat all combine to make SMRs less expensive, inherently safe and much faster to implement. 
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IDTechEx Webinar
"Electric Motors for Electric Vehicles 2024-2034": ID TechEx will host a free webinar July 13 presenting an outlook for the future of the electric motor technology:
Market drivers behind alternative materials;
Methods to reduce or eliminate rare earths designs;
Emerging motor technologies: axial flux, in-wheel, and switched reluctance motors.
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Airless Tires
Michelin airless tires are being tested on postal delivery vehicles in France. These tires maintain their integrity without relying on air pressure, so autonomous vehicles are much less likely to have tire damage requiring tire changing. They also maintain optimal road contact reducing heat, wear and rolling resistance.
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LCFS Renewable Fuel Pathways
California Average Grid Electricity Carbon Intensity: California average grid electricity used as a transportation fuel in California: 79.43 to 81.49gCO2e/MJ.
CARB Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) Credits-$74.50
California Grid CI Values Fluctuate Significantly At Typical Fleet Vehicle Charging Times
Check CARB Carton Intensity (CI) Pathways Here
Conferences and Programs
Electric Truck DEPOT Bootcamp
The North American Council for Freight Efficiency (NACFE) is offering a free ten-session series of one hour webinars covering the requirements for electrifying a truck depot. The webinars will run from 10am - 11am every other Tuesday from April 25 through September 5.
Please register Here
Green Transportation Summit and Expo "Accelerate to Zero"
August 22 - 24 - Tacoma, Washington
  • West Coast’s Premier Fleet Modernization & Sustainable Transportation Event
  • Networking, Information Sessions, Workshops, Vehicle Walk-throughs
Register Here (Use Discount Code SACRAMENTO-CC-30 for a 30% Discount)
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"ZEB Con" Zero Emission Bus Conference
Sept 26-28 San Diego
  • Site Tours of Electric Bus Deployments
  • ZEB 101 Course
  • Charge Management
  • Hydrogen Fueling
  • ZEB Depot Planning
  • Financing
  • Workforce Development
  • ZEB Transition Planning
  • Microgrids
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Mobilize Summit 2023
October 30 & 31 - Long Beach
  • Transportation, Aviation & Logistics Professionals
  • Latest on Emerging Technologies
  • Workforce Education 
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