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New California Updates, Regulations, and Requirements
Clean Fuel Corridor on I-80
Clean Fuel Corridor on I-80: The Sacramento Clean Cities Coalition has begun an effort with the Salt Lake City Clean Cities Coalition to establish a clean fuel corridor on Interstate 80 from Sacramento to Salt Lake City. Seven Clean Cities Coalitions are doing the same thing along I-94 from Montana to Michigan.
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CNG is Lowest Price Fuel
The DOE reported that CNG was the lowest priced of all the major vehicle fuels in 2019, at $2.21/GGE, but also noted that fleets contracting directly with suppliers can often get lower prices for both NG and propane.   
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Sacramento Clean Cities Sponsors Make The News
Beam Global Receives Patent for Drone Recharging Network
BEAM Global (formerly Envision Solar) has received a patent for their UAV ARC™ Drone Recharging Network. Their self-contained, battery storage equipped PV array units operate independent of the grid, and are capable of recharging drones enroute, extending their service range.
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NGVi Offering Discount on Inspection Labels
NGVi is offering a 20% discount on cylinder inspection “Pass/Fail” labels. CNG cylinder inspections are mandatory under NHTSA FMVSS 304 every three years or 36,000 miles and after any fire or accident.
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100 Best Fleets Announcing Green Garage Winners
The 100 Best Fleets in America will announce their “Green Garage Contest Winners” on December 9. The fleets with the best environmental maintenance and facility practices will be featured.
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Alternative Fuel Insight
Hyundai Looking Towards Fuel Cells
Hyundai is looking at fuel cells to power pickups and SUVs because of the significantly higher energy density of fuel cells versus the weight and space required for double layers of batteries necessary to store the energy needed for larger vehicles and vehicles that are used for towing. 
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Hyundai EV Platform Technology
Hyundai has also announced an EV platform technology, the E-GMP, that will underlie the entire Hyundai light-duty auto family that includes Kia and Genesis. The E-GMP will feature 800v hardware and higher power density batteries.
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Lidar Laser Technology
LIDAR, when combined with massive computing power using Artificial Intelligence and GPS, is the laser technology that makes Levels 4 & 5 autonomous vehicles possible. The winning manufacturer(s) will achieve longer range, wider field of view, higher resolution, faster frame rates and lower power consumption for the best quality at the lowest unit cost. 
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Lucid Finishes First Phase of EV Factory
Lucid has announced that they have completed construction of the first phase of their manufacturing facility, a 999,000 square foot factory in Pinal County, Arizona, with annual production of 30,000 Lucid Air models scheduled to begin in Spring of 2021. The Lucid Air is a luxury model, priced between $77K and $169K, with a range of over 500 miles while packing 1,000hp. 
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Green Technology Survey
Green Technology is doing a survey on software for management of fleets to determine important criteria in management decisions. Fleets willing to take a five minute telephone survey should contact Nancy Miller at (323) 333-0501 or schedule a time for a call.  
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Plugzio Smart Outlets
Plugzio “Smart” outlets are direct replacements for conventional 110v/20a outlet boxes, but give management full control over the power use and the allowed users, creating very low cost strategies for charging vehicles at fleets, MUDs and public sites. 
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EV Platform Conversion for Classic Cars
Zero Labs in Hawthorn, California, has announced an EV platform that can be used to convert a wide range of late-40s to mid-70s “classics” from gasoline to electric. The 400v platforms can be ordered with 600hp, 235 mile configuration. 
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Georgia Gets First Solar Roadway
The first “Solar Roadway” in the US has been installed in Peachtree Corners, a suburb of Atlanta. The road-grade solar panels come from Wattway, a French company. Unlike other solar roadways in Europe, the energy generated by this road is used by a L2 EVSE, and not to inductively charge vehicles driving on the roadway.
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From Cardboard Box to Biofuel
Clean Energy Research Center of the Korea Institute of Science and Technology has developed a strain of yeast that can consume cardboard and paper and produce ethanol, that can then be used in gasoline instead of more expensive ethanol derived from food crops like corn. 
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Refineries Report
California Refineries: For the week ending 11/27/20, refineries in California produced 6,112 barrels of gasoline and 1,952 barrels of diesel. Gasoline production was down up by 4.8% and diesel production was down by 6.8% from last week’s production numbers. Effective 12/4/20, LCFS Credits for 1 MT of CO2 was $200. 
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