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Be sure to check out the 8/16 presentation on "Vehicle Bi-directional Charging (V2X)"
Grants Accepting Applications
Clean Energy Fuels $50K/Truck Grants
  • Clean Energy Fuels provides grants up to $50K/truck
  • NG trucks - Clean, Quiet, Environmentally Friendly
  • Using Renewable NG can have NEGATIVE GHG emissions
EPA DERA Tribal and Insular Area Grants
  • Grants up to $800K
  • No cost share requirement
  • Off-road, Ag & Mining Vehicles, School buses, EVs, Locomotives
  • Electrified parking spaces
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CEC EnergIIZE Grant
  • Energy Infrastructure Incentives for Zero-Emission (EnergIIZE) Commercial Vehicles
  • Grant applications accepted from 9/1/22 through 9/30/22
  • Total funding available - $13.95M for Commercial Vehicle Infrastructure
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EPA Funding Opportunity Notice - Technical Assistance for Underserved Communities
  • $11M available now, up to $50M available in the future
  • Funding to establish Environmental Justice (EJ) Thriving Community Technical Assistance Centers across the nation
  • Centers to provide technical assistance, training, and capacity-building and assist with navigating federal systems such as Grants.gov and SAM.gov
  • Applications due by October 4 
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DOE $96M to Advance Clean Vehicle Technologies
  • Concept Papers due 8/25, Full Applications due 11/10, Awards Announced March 2023
  • 13 Proposal Topics in 7 Major Categories
  • Community Partnerships and Justice 40 Requirements are Included
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School Healthy Air & Plumbing Funding
The California Schools Healthy Air, Plumbing, and Efficiency (CalSHAPE) program is open with applications due by October 31, 2022.
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SMUD "Shine Awards" for Incorporated Nonprofit Organizations
  • Spark Level - up to $10K with 25% Match Required
  • Amplifier Level - $10K - $50K with 50% Match Required
  • Transformer level - $50K - $100K with 100% Match Required
  • Applications may be submitted up to August 12 at 5pm
  • Application workshops have been scheduled 
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PEV DAC Call For Projects
The Plug-in Electric Vehicle Collaborative’s Disadvantaged Communities Committee (PEV DAC) has published a grant application template and called for regional projects to be submitted. The template contains:
  • The 7 criteria that must be met, information about the applicant and project site
  • Additional information is also available to assist applicants:
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Upcoming Workshops
CEC GFO 21-606 - ZEV Battery Manufacturing Grant Implementer
September 1
  • $100M Program to fund in-state battery manufacturing for zero-emission vehicles and related infrastructure;
  • CEC will be seeking a contractor to develop and implement this grant program.
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CARB Light-Duty Purchase Incentives Workshop
September 1
  • Clean Vehicle Rebate Project (CVRP)
  • Clean Cars 4 All (CC4A)
  • Financing Assistance
  • Equity-focused and needs-based program adjustments
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CEC Workshop on Visibility of EVSE and H2 Infrastructure
September 6
  • Visibility of EVSE and H2 refueling stations
  • Signage along freeways, highways, and other roadways
  • Use of green paint to indicate the presence of EV charging spaces 
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CARB Incentives Workshop
September 8, 4pm
  • 2022‑23 Funding Plan for Clean Transportation Incentives
  • Proposed Clean Transportation Incentives allocations 
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CEC Clean Transportation Program's Advisory Committee Workshop/Meeting
October 6
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Info On Upcoming Grants
Tax Credit Changes
The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 places new restrictions on vehicles that qualify for the federal Clean Vehicle [Tax] Credit by adding a requirement for final assembly in North America. Qualifying vehicles are listed on the AFDC website. However, some trim levels may change the final assembly location. Use a VIN decoder to confirm the final assembly location.
AFDC Final Assembly List Here
New Updates, Regulations, and Requirements
California Fleet Regulations
The California Air Resources board has passed a HD Truck OEM ZEV-sales mandate (Advanced Clean Truck - ACT) and will be passing a HD fleet ZEV purchase mandate (Advanced Clean Fleet - ACF). 
  • Both regulations start in 2024
  • ACT phases in OEM sales mandates to 100% by 2040
  • ACF mandates 100% ZEV purchases by 2027, or a phase in to 100% ZEVs in the fleet by 2033 to 2039, depending on the type of fleet.
Advanced Clean Fleet Regulation - Read more Here
Advanced Clean Truck Regulation - Read more Here
Sacramento Clean Cities Sponsors Make The News
Lightning eMotors Powers Blue Bird and Collins
Lightning eMotors electric drivetrains will be used in Blue Bird buses and Collins Buses. AZ Bus Sales is the Sacramento Region supplier for both Blue Bird and Collins. 
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Volvo HD BEV Demo Findings
  • Route efficiency – Factors to consider with large BEVs include hills, traffic, weather, and driving patterns. 
  • Charging station availability – Reliable and cost-effective charging must be available. 
  • Training and support – Technicians need to learn how to maintain heavy-duty electric trucks.
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Upcoming SMUD-Sponsored Electric Vehicle Ride and Drives
  • October 9, Times TBA: Littleton Center in Galt
  • October 14/15/16, Times TBA: Cal Expo
  • Other events may be scheduled
For more information or to volunteer to assist contact Jenny Matchell
Alternative Fuel Insight
Newsom Appointments
Governor Newsom has appointed two familiar faces to new positions with GO-Biz:Tyson Eckerle has been appointed as Senior Advisor for Clean Infrastructure and Mobility, and Gia Viacon has been appointed as Assistant Deputy Director for Zero Emission Vehicle Market Development.
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Rivian Price Hikes
Rivian is dropping their base R1T and R1S models, resulting in a $6K price hike. The lowest price RT will go from $68,575 to $74, 075, and from $73, 575 to $79,075 for the R1S.
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World Energy Expands Sustainable Aviation Fuel Production
World Energy is converting their existing biodiesel manufacturing plant in Houston to produce Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF). Production will reach 250 million gallons of SAF per year by 2025. World Energy’s Paramount, California plant expects to reach 250 million gallons per year in 2024.
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ZEV Container Ship
COSCO, a Chinese shipping company, has announced plans to construct two container ships, each capable of carrying 700 shipping containers (i.e. 700 TEUs) that will operate on the Yangtze River.
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LCFS Renewable Fuel Pathways
California Average Grid Electricity Carbon Intensity: California average grid electricity used as a transportation fuel in California: 76.73gCO2e/MJ.
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Low Carbon Fuel Credits
Conferences and Programs
NAFA Fleet Legislative Summit
September 20-21
Washington, DC
  • Preventing Auto Recycling Thefts Legislation
  • EV Recharging Infrastructure
  • Congressional Staff Briefings on Fleet Issues 
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National Drive Electric Week (NDEW)
September 23 - October 2
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Green California Schools and Community College Summit
October 18
  • Connecting environmental literacy and facility programs
  • Funding to meet water and EV Fleet requirements
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Fleet Forward Conference
November 9 - 11
Santa Clara
  • Fleet solutions on electrification, Connected vehicles, Autonomous technology, Last-mile mobility, Shared mobility, Next-generation telematics
  • Expanded Ride and Drive
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