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Tech & Spec Webinar Schedule
Sacramento Clean Cities “Tech & Spec” Webinar Series 11am - 12 noon
What fleet managers, lead technicians and specification writers need to know
1/20/21 Electric Vehicle First Responder Training (1:30pm - 2:30pm)
  • This free one-hour on-line orientation will include:
  • Introduction to hybrid and electric vehicles
  • Basic electrical concepts
  • Vehicle systems & charging infrastructure
  • Initial response procedures
  • Proper Personal Protective Equipment
  • Identification, immobilization, vehicle disabling
  • Unanticipated movement, electric shock hazards
  • Extrication, vehicle and battery fires, submersion
  • High voltage battery damage, battery re-ignition
  • Incidents at charging stations & refueling stations 
  • First Responder space is limited. To register, email your full name, title, organization & address to
1/21/21 Battery Electric Refuse Trucks - Availability, Incentives, Regulations & Charging
  • Presentations from Mack, Peterbilt, Lion, BYD & Nikola plus Incentives, Regulations and Charging
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New California Updates, Regulations, and Requirements
US EPA Diesel Vehicle and Equipment Replacement Grant
US EPA will be announcing a $44M 2021 DERA Grant to scrap & replace older diesel vehicles/equipment/vessels with new low- or zero-emission units. Public agencies, NGOs and native tribes are eligible applicants. Private fleets are eligible as sub-applicants. 
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Newsom's Clean Transportation Budget
Governor Newsom’s 2021 proposed budget calls for $1.5B to be spent on “Clean Transportation” with priorities given to HVIP (heavy-duty on-road vehicles), CORE (off-road equipment), FARMER (ag equipment) and Equity Programs like Clean Cars for All. There is no funding proposed for CVRP (light-duty electric vehicles), apparently expecting new EV purchases to be subsidized under the new “Clean Fuel Reward” program run by utilities offering $1,500 for a new EV.
Read Complete Budget Here
Sacramento Clean Cities Sponsors Make The News
Dannar Among First Clients at California Mobility Center
DANNAR, a Sacramento Clean Cities Sponsor, will be one of the first clients at the California Mobility Center, a Sacramento technology incubator. Also joining the Mobility Center is AMPLY Power, a company providing Charging-as-a-Service and Power Management technology.
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Lightning eMotors Creates Electric Motor Coaches
Lightning eMotors announced a $45M order for motor coach upfit kits that will replace diesel engines in existing motor coaches with 640-kilowatt-hour battery packs providing over 200 miles of range. The liquid-cooled upfit kits allow for a full recharge in three hours.
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OpenGrants Search Engine
OpenGrants provides a number of valuable services including operation of an expansive, all-inclusive grant-finding search engine, grant writing and training for grant writers. OpenGrants has opened a Continuous Securities Offering. 
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100 Best Fleets Accepting Nominations
The 100 Best Fleets Contest is now accepting nominations. The 100 Best Fleets identifies and encourages ever-increasing levels of performance improvement and innovation within the public fleet industry. The contest is open to all public fleets in North and South America.
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Alternative Fuel Insight
Mercedes Benz To Debut Full-Dash Interface
Mercedes Benz is introducing a 56” wide dashboard/systems control screen in their 2021 EQS model. With 24gigs of RAM, 46g/s speed and adaptive learning, they call it, “...both the brain and the nervous system,” of the car. 
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Is There a Chevy EV Corvette Coming in the Near Future?
Chevy appears to be working on an EV Corvette. In recent photos of planned EV models, a Corvette SUV was spotted in the background, and recent announcements by GM executives have indicated that high-performance EVs are in Chevy’s future. 
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Storing Renewable Electricity
Storing Renewable Electricity from wind and solar for the grid when excess is available is essential for utilities. Electricity Demand varies by hour and by day, so costs vary enormously, so storing electricity when it is cheap is a strategy for fleet operators. Battery storage, “Before the Meter” (utilities) and “After the Meter” (fleet operators) is a fast-growing industry.
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GM Unveils New Electric Delivery Van
General Motors will build a 10,000# delivery van with a 250 mile range, the EV600. As previously announced, GM will be building this using their “Ultium” platform. The EV600 will have 600 cubic feet of cargo storage.
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GM EV Crossovers
General Motors, showing the versatility and popularity of their Ultium EV platform, will be building two EV Crossovers for Honda using this platform, debuting in 2023 or 2024.
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Lordstown Motors Now has 100K Pre-Orders for EV Pickup
Lordstown Motors announce that they have received over 100,000 non-binding orders for their Endurance electric pickup truck with an average order size of 600 trucks. 
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Electric Cargo Bikes in City Fleets
EV Cargo Bikes are being piloted by Portland’s Parks Department. The 3-wheel electric bikes can transport up 881 pounds (cargo and rider) and have flat-bed, pickup bed and refrigerated box configurations.
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Refineries Report
California Refineries: For the week ending /1/21, refineries in California produced 6,101  barrels of gasoline and 2,505 barrels of diesel. The current LCFS Credit for 1 MT of CO2 is $198.97.
Read More Here for gasoline and diesel production.
Read More Here for LCFS credit.
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