2020 Clean Cities Events
Sacramento Clean Fuel Technology Workshop
7/15-  The 4th annual Sustainable Fleet Technology Conference & Expo
  • The 4th annual Sustainable Fleet Technology Conference & Expo has been changed to a series of virtual webinars beginning July 15.
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8/24- The 2020 Green Technology Summit and Expo
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10/6 - Training for Natural Gas Vehicle Technicians
Sacramento Clean Cities News
Multi Unit Dwelling Demo Sites Sought
The San Diego Clean Cities Coalition and the Center for Sustainable Energy are seeking Multi Unit Dwelling and Residential Curbside sites to demonstrate innovative charging technologies and approaches to reduce capital and operational costs, increase charging station utilization, and improve business model.
For more demonstration information, contact: Chris Liu, cliu@energetics.com  
Buy America Compliant Technologies
Buy America Help : The Dallas/Fort Worth Clean Cities Coalition, in cooperation with the Dallas/Ft. Worth MPO are seeking information about new, low- and zero-emitting vehicles that meet the FHWA’s “Buy America” requirements. OEMs and organizations are invited to provide them with information about compliant technologies so that they can create a reference site that can be used by any organizations applying for CMAQ grants.
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Electrify America Webinar
Electrify America , a Sacramento PEV Collaborative partner is hosting a webinar on Monday, June 15, from 12 – 1:30 to solicit comments and suggestions for their next funding round, expected to be $500 million for EVs and EVSEs. 
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100 Best Fleets Nominations
100 Best Fleets , a Sacramento Clean Cities Coalition partner, has opened 2020 nominations. Applications are being accepted until July 27, and will be announced on August 25. This is your chance to be recognized for the good job you are doing!
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National Truck Equipment Association Webinar Series
The National Truck Equipment Association (NTEA) is hosting a webinar series that can fulfill continuing education unit requirements. The webinars will run from June 24 through November 9 and will include:
  * Specification development and your truck fleet
  * Fiscal impacts on government fleets during challenging times
  * Improve your spec’ing process for vehicle efficiency
  * Reducing fleet capital costs through improved financing practices
  * Life cycle costing for vehicle-to-vehicle comparisons
  * Reducing fleet operating costs through improved visibility
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Alternative Fuel Insight
Mercedes-Benz Battery Production Factories
Daimler, parent company of Mercedes-Benz, has announced plans to spend $1.1 billion to build a global network of nine battery factories across Europe, North America and Asia.
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All Electric Airplane
A Cessna Grand Caravan, one of the world’s most popular small utility airplanes, was retrofitted by a Redmond, Washington electric component manufacturer, MagniX and certified for flight by a Seattle company, AeroTEC. The first test flight lasted 30 minutes and the plane is said to have a 100 mile range.
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NIO Has Completed 500,000 EV Battery Swaps
NIO, the Chinese EV OEM has announced that their network of 136 battery swapping stations located in 58 different cities in China has completed 500,000 battery swaps. A five minute video shows how the automated process works.
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GM All Electric Work Van
General Motors is spending $3 billion to retool their Hamtramck facility in Detroit to build an all-new electric van, code named BV1, as well as manufacturing electric pickup trucks. The van may be sold as GM, Chevrolet or even as an entirely new product line, Maven.
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Improve Engine Efficiency and Emissions
A recently released report from the Co-Optima R&D Group at the US Department of Energy’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, highlights technologies that can improve engine efficiency and emissions. One technology includes virtually sootless diesel combustion without the use of particulate filters.
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Hydrogen's Impact
IDTechEx has issued an analysis of the impact that the hydrogen economy will have over the next decade in industry and transportation, focusing on hydrogen as an energy carrier, not an energy storage system.
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Growth of Turbocharging In Light Duty Vehicles
Auto manufacturers have used a wide range of technologies to improve fuel economy and reduce emissions. Turbocharging allows an engine to produce the same power using fewer cylinders and less fuel.. In 2000, only 1% of the cars had turbochargers, whereas today, 34% are turbocharged.
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Refineries Report
For the week ending 5/29/20, refineries in California produced 214,452 gallons of gasoline and 85,890 gallons of diesel. This represents essentially NO CHANGE in gasoline production , and a 6% INCREASE in diesel production from last week.
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