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Special Announcement
CARB Heavy-Duty Vehicle Inspection and Maintenance Workshop
CARB Heavy-Duty Vehicle Inspection and Maintenance (HD I/M) Program - Next Workgroup Meeting - February 22, 2021. This new regulation will apply to all vehicles over 14,000#. Fleets will need to establish an account and submit regular reports. CARB also expects to do on-road “remote sensing” to identify vehicles with excessive emissions. 
DERA 2021 Grant Program
The DERA 2021 grant program has been announced by the EPA. $46M will be available with applications due 3/16/21. Government agencies and NGOs are eligible to apply. If you would like to discuss potential projects with the Sacramento Clean Cities Coalition, please contact Gina O’Neal ( or Tim Taylor ( 
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New California Updates, Regulations, and Requirements
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has published final rules governing how Low Volume Manufacturers may build and sell replica vehicles without fear of running afoul of regulations. 
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DOE Funding Opportunity
The DOE has announced that it will be issuing a $160M Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) to develop technologies for the production, transport, storage, and utilization of fossil-based hydrogen, with progress towards net-zero carbon emissions.
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Run on Less - Electric
“Run on Less - Electric” sponsored by The North American Council for Freight Efficiency (NACFE) is scheduled for three weeks in September. Fleets operating electric vans, box-trucks and truck-tractors in local and regional delivery service are eligible to participate and gain national recognition while helping generate data that the transportation industry can use. 
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Sacramento Clean Cities Sponsors Make The News
US Gain Managing Low Carbon Fuel Standard Credits
US Gain, one of the largest alternative fuel infrastructure providers in the US, has begun managing Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) credits for California customers. US Gain has been monetizing credits and regularly outperforms indexed averages for a menu of alt fuel types for many years.
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Lion Electric Factory Tour
Lion uses a “Factory Tour” video to announce that they have over 350 Class 5 - 8 BEVs on the road with over 6 million miles driven in climates from Sacramento hot to Montreal cold.
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DANNAR Enters Second Round of AFWERX
DANNAR, creator and manufacturer of the Mobile Power System (MPS - a fully-electric unit specifically suited to increase resiliency through exportable power, infrastructure maintenance and emergency response), has beaten four out of five competing proposals to enter the second evaluation round in the Air Force’s “Base of the Future” program,
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Alternative Fuel Insight
North American Council on Freight Efficiency Research
The North American Council on Freight Efficiency (NACFE) has developed a significant body of practical research and data on a range of topics including that can be downloaded. 
  • Efficiency
  • Technologies
  • Electric Trucks
  • Freight Efficiency
  • Regional Haul
  • Trucking Careers
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EVSE Technician Job Growth
Steve LeVine, Editor at Large at Medium observes that tens of thousands of technicians will be needed in the future to install and service EVSE as more and more EVs are put on the road. Mr. LeVine reports that some EVSE technician positions pay upwards of $80K/year. 
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EV Charging Price Predicted to Increase Significantly
Steve LeVine also predicts that by the middle of this decade, the price of electric vehicle charging will need to increase significantly. As the population of EVs grows and electricity for EVs is in higher demand, the price of EV charging is expected to start to reach parity with the cost of gasoline on a per mile basis. 
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StoreDot Produces Cells with Five Minute Charge Time
StoreDot, an Israeli battery startup, has produced what it claims to be a lithium ion battery capable of being fully charged in five minutes. StoreDot claims current battery factories can make them, but industry professionals are somewhat skeptical about whether or not the technology can be scaled to mass production.
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Tesla Model S Convertible Conversion
Ares Design, an Italian custom car manufacturer, has turned a 4-door Model S into a shorter wheelbase 2-door, rag-top convertible roadster with a carbon fiber body, custom wheels and leather interior.
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2019 Gas Prices
Gasoline Prices in 2019 ranged from $2.26 in Mississippi to $3.67 in Hawaii. With the administration’s Executive Orders cancelling the Keystone pipeline and returning to the Paris Climate Accord, gasoline prices will likely increase in 2021. 
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Refineries Report
California Refineries: For the week ending 1/8/21, refineries in California produced 5,904  barrels of gasoline and 1,702 barrels of diesel. The current LCFS Credit for 1 MT of CO2 is $200.25.
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