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Special Announcements
Truck Body Workshop
Fleet professionals are invited to participate in a unique and compelling design workshop on April 9th here in Sacramento to provide input and impact the future of commercial vehicles. This workshop is being produced by the Sacramento Clean Cities Coalition in partnership with our newest sponsor EAVX, a technology and innovation hub of JB Poindexter & Co. (JBPCO), parent company of some of the largest truck body companies in the US including Morgan, Morgan Olson, Federal Eagle, LEER, Masterack and Reading.
EAVX leverages JBPCO’s vast industry expertise and draws in new technology partners — including the world’s most advanced electric and alternative power chassis producers — to innovate and execute more efficient commercial vehicles. At this workshop, the EAVX executive team and engineers will seek input from fleet professionals, develop design concepts and will return later in 2024 with a concept vehicle that incorporates the feedback and ideas collected during the session.
Spaces are limited. If you would like more information on how to attend please contact Neal Best or Tim Taylor.
Free Annual Fleet Organization Membership
If you are a Fleet Manager interested in getting immediate feedback on a range of problem areas from other fleet managers in the region, the Municipal Equipment Maintenance Association (MEMA) may be for you. MEMA and the Sacramento Clean Cities Coalition (SCCC) have teamed up to make your first year’s membership, normally $275, absolutely FREE if you are willing to help SCCC bring more federal and state grants, informational events and webinars and technician training opportunities to the Sacramento region. 
Grants Accepting Applications
EnergIIZE Hydrogen Funding Lane Opening
  • Highest incentive funding cap of all EnergIIZE funding lanes 
  • Covers 50-75% of eligible equipment and software costs up to $3 million (standard) or $4 million (Jump Start equity criteria).
  • Covers a wide range of H2 Infrastructure Equipment & Software
Read more about EnergIIZE Here
Register for EnergIIzE Funding Workshop Here
VW Zero-Emission Freight and Marine (ZEFM) Grant Fund Open
  • $20M Available
  • Stacking with CORE Allowed
  • Eligible equipment includes forklifts (>8,000#) Airport GSE, Terminal Tractors, Ferries/Tug Re-powers, Shore Power & More
  • First-come, First-served basis until funding is exhausted 
Read more Here
Innovative Small E-Fleet (ISEF) Funding
  • $83M set aside for ISEF within the HVIP Program
  • Incentives for small fleets that seek to deploy battery electric or hydrogen fuel cell trucks
  • Fleets with < 20 trucks and <$15M annual revenue (NGOs are exempt from the revenue cap)
  • Program runs until all funds are allocated 
Read more Here
EPA Grants for Climate Reduction Act Grants
Read more Here
CEC GFO-23-607 - Tribal Electric Vehicle Infrastructure, Planning, and Workforce Development
  • The purpose of this solicitation is to provide funding for Tribes, Tribal Organizations, and Tribally-owned businesses for:
  • Project Activity 1 – EV Charging Infrastructure: installing charging infrastructure for passenger and medium- and heavy-duty (MDHD) EV charging equipment, supporting infrastructure, and associated resiliency technologies.
  • Project Activity 2 – EV Infrastructure Planning: activities to support tribal participation in future EV funding opportunities and to enable tribes to plan for EV adoption.
  • Project Activity 3 – EV Workforce Training and Development: activities that support careers in EVs, EV infrastructure, and EV-related technologies.
  • $400,000 - $3,000,000 per award ($10,000,000 total)
  • SUBMISSION DEADLINE April 24, 2024
Read more Here
EPA's $3B in Two Port Grants
  • $2.8B for ZE Port Equipment and Infrastructure
  • $150M for Climate and Air Quality Planning
  • Application Deadline May 28
Read more Here
DOE FOA 0003229 - Communities Sparking Investment in Transformative Energy
  • Deliver direct local community benefits of clean energy
  • Spark additional investments in communities that create long-term local economic development 
  • Advance community-identified energy priorities and right to self-determination.
  • Build capacity and partnerships in local governments and Tribes.
  • Minimum Grant Size: $900K; Maximum Grant Size: $3.6M
  • Applications Due May 31
Read more Here
NREL $5M Clean Bus Planning Program
The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) has announced planning grants to provide technical assistance to create customized bus electrification plans.
  • Applications for assistance are open on a rolling basis through Sept. 30, 2024
Read more Here
EPA $2B Environmental and Climate Justice
  • Support for community-driven projects
  • Environmental and Climate Justice grants
  • Grants targeting clean energy and resilience including low- and zero-emission technologies and workforce development supporting the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions
  • Applications reviewed on a rolling basis for one year, closing on November 21, 2024
Read more Here
Sacramento Clean Cities Sponsors Make the News!
DOE Revisions Impact on EPA Emission Standards
The DOE has released a revised “Petroleum-Equivalent Fuel Economy Calculation” that softens the impact of the EPA’s updated emission standards by allowing PHEVs to qualify for an extended period of time. 
Read more Here
Sac Clean Cities Co-Hosted SacMo Meeting
The March SacMo meeting featured a special presentation by MITRA-EV, soon installing several commercial semi-public charging hubs for MD & HD fleets around the Sacramento Metro area. Other mobility presentations included a preliminary look at Sac Metro Air District vehicle funding grants expected to be opening in May, "Earth Month” opportunities in April and a short presentation on hydrogen opportunities developing in the region. 
See These Presentations Here
Sacramento Clean Cities Coalitions Take Top Honors in 50 Leading Fleets
Sacramento Clean Cities Coalitions Take Top Honors in 50 Leading Fleets: “Government Fleet Magazine,” in cooperation with the American Public Works Association and Ford Pro recognize fleets that are performing at a high level of efficiency, planning for the future, and overcoming challenges. 
Sacramento Clean Cities Coalition Winners
  • City of Fairfield
  • City of Roseville
  • County of Sacramento
Other California City Winners and Special Mentions
  • City of Carlsbad
  • City of Anaheim
  • City of Long Beach
  • San Bernardino County
  • City of Oceanside
  • City of Palmdale
  • City of San Ramon
Read more Here
NREL Report on EV Charging in 2030
The National Renewable Energy Laboratory expects Level 1 and Level 2 charging to handle 80% of all EV charging by 2030, with 64% of EV charging at single family homes, 20% at public DCFC and 16% at public Level 2 chargers.
Read more Here
Alternative Fuel Insight
Rivian Announces Tesla Supercharger Access
Rivian has announced that Tesla Supercharger sites are now open to Rivian owners and Rivian will be shipping Tesla plug-in adaptors to Rivian owners for free in April. (Note: Amazon currently sells J1772-to-Tesla adaptors.)
Read more Here
Newsom's "California Jobs First Council"
Governor Newsom has announced the creation of the California Jobs First Council to speed job creating in California. Valley Vision’s “We Prosper Together” is positioned to benefit from the state’s move. 
Read more Here
Roland Berger Study - $1 Trillion Needed for HD Infrastructure
A study by the Roland Berger consulting firm found that at least one trillion dollars is needed for facility and infrastructure upgrades in order to electrify heavy-duty trucking. 
Read more Here
California Hits EV Infrastructure Milestone
100,000 public or shared private electric vehicle chargers have been installed throughout California, in addition to over 500,000 at-home chargers. California recently approved an additional $1.9B plan to build a bigger, better charging network.
Read more Here
NACFE Report on Decarbonizing with Natural Gas
The North American Council on Freight Efficiency (NACFE) reports that fossil Natural Gas (NG) has a 13% carbon benefit over diesel and the availability of Renewable NG (RNG) has increased significantly. (Note: The carbon benefit of RNG made from organic waste is certified as low as negative 532.)
Read more Here
Carbon Intensity Updates
California Average Grid Electricity Carbon Intensity: California average grid electricity used as a transportation fuel in California: 79.43 to 81.49gCO2e/MJ.

Recent Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) Carbon Intensity Submittals
  • Check CARB Carbon Intensity (CI)I Pathways Here
Current LCFS Credit Value $66.50
Conferences and Programs
Earth Day Events
SacEV and Sacramento Clean Cities invite Clean Cities Stakeholders to participate in Earth Day EV events:
  • Saturday, April 20 10am - 4pm at Fairytale Town (3901 Land Park Drive)
  • Sunday, April 21, 11am - 4pm at Southside Park (8th & U Streets) 
Register for Fairytale Town Event Here
Register for Southside Park Event Here
SacEV's Ride-and-Drives & EV Display Events in April
  • Learn about:
  • EV incentives on new and previously owned EVs
  • Fuel savings and charging infrastructure
  • Lower EV fuel and maintenance costs
  • Chat with EV owners
April 13 - EVs at Dia de la Tierra at the La Familia Counseling Center
April 13 - “Touch A [EV] Truck” at the Playzeum in Yuba City
April 15 - EVs at Sacramento High School Earth Day
April 20 - EVs at UC Davis Picnic Day
April 21 - EVs at Earth Day - Southside Park in Sacramento
April 21 - EVs at Day at the Nevada City Chamber of Commerce
Sustainable Facilities Forum
May 9 - Scottish Rite Masonic Center, Sacramento
  • Global Warming: Materials and Manufactured Equipment 
  • CalGreen Code Updates
  • Whole Building Lifecycle Analysis
  • Power Budget Alternatives 2025
  • Fleet Electrification | Zero Emission Fleets 
  • Waste Diversion | Organic Waste Recycling
  • Deadline for submitting proposals - Feb 23 Here
Read more Here
NAFA "New Frontiers" Fleet Event
April 22-24 - Austin, TX
  • 40+ Educational Sessions
  • Innovative Products and Solutions
  • 200+ State-of-the-Art Exhibits
  • Ride & Drive Experience — NEW
  • Unparalleled Networking Opportunities
  • Three Pre-Conference Events
  • Captivating Keynote Speakers
  • Specialty Training Track for Technicians
Read more Here
ACT Expo 2024
  • Major Vehicle OEMs and Suppliers
  • Comprehensive showcase of advanced clean commercial vehicles, technologies, and services 
  • Zero-emission vehicles and renewable fuels to comply with tightening regulations
  • Latest technologies under one roof, test drive dozens of vehicles, and make valuable industry connections
Read more Here
Green Technology Summit & Expo
Green Technology Summit & Expo - August 20-22, 2024 in Tacoma, Washington
"Accelerate to Zero"
The Green Technology Summit and Expo (GTSE) is now accepting proposals to join our program. Major presentation categories include: 
  • Fleet Sustainability & Decarbonization
  • AI / Drone Technology Advancements
  • Cybersecurity
  • Workforce Development
  • Renewable Fuels & Technologies 
  • Heavy Duty & Medium Duty Decarbonization
  • Energy Resilience
  • Developing Zero Emission Infrastructure
  • Utility Programs & Policy
  • Transportation Policy and Incentives
  • Environmental Justice
  • Navigating Road Blocks in Sustainable Transportation
  • Transportation Hubs
  • Hard to Decarbonize Sectors
  • Technical Training
Submission Deadline: February 25th, 2024
For more information contact:
Forth Electric Transportation Conference
September 24-26, 2024 in Detroit, Michigan
Sacramento Clean Cities Coalition | 916 - 622 - 8433