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Tech & Spec Webinar Schedule
Sacramento Clean Cities “Tech & Spec” Webinar Series 11am - 12 noon
What fleet managers, lead technicians and specification writers need to know
1/20/21 Electric Vehicle First Responder Training (1:30pm - 2:30pm)
  • This free one-hour on-line orientation will include:
  • Introduction to hybrid and electric vehicles
  • Basic electrical concepts
  • Vehicle systems & charging infrastructure
  • Initial response procedures
  • Proper Personal Protective Equipment
  • Identification, immobilization, vehicle disabling
  • Unanticipated movement, electric shock hazards
  • Extrication, vehicle and battery fires, submersion
  • High voltage battery damage, battery re-ignition
  • Incidents at charging stations & refueling stations 
  • First Responder space is limited. To register, email your full name, title, organization & address to
1/21/21 Battery Electric Refuse Trucks - Availability, Incentives, Regulations & Charging
  • Presentations from Mack, Peterbilt, Lion, BYD & Nikola plus Incentives, Regulations and Charging
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New California Updates, Regulations, and Requirements
Rocklin Mayor Jill Gayaldo Nationally Recognized in School Transportation Logistics
Ms. Jill Gayaldo, the newly elected Mayor of the City of Rocklin, is a nationally recognized leader in the school transportation logistics and technology world. Her innovative leadership led to the introduction of Renewable Diesel, Low-emission Propane and Battery-electric school buses at the Elk Grove School District. Ms. Gayaldo also serves on one of the most influential Sacramento Region transportation planning and funding agencies, the Sacramento Area Council of Governments (SACOG).
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SMUD Partners with Plug In America
SMUD has partnered with Plug In America to offer an enhanced EV Support Program where you can receive one-on-one, personalized assistance with all of your questions related to buying (including all incentives available), owning, operating and charging electric vehicles.
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Bay Area AQMD Managing Grant
The Bay Area AQMD is managing a $34M statewide grant program for replacing conventionally fueled vehicles and equipment with zero-emission units. The grant program will be funded on a first-come, first-served basis for qualifying projects including:
  • Forklifts (with >8,000 lbs. lift capacity) at any location;
  • Airport ground support equipment; 
  • Port cargo handling equipment;
  • Repowering ferries, tugboats, and towboats; 
  • Shore power at berths that serve ocean-going vessels.
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DOE Funding Technology Advancing Efforts
The DOE has announced $60M in grants to fund five technology-advancing efforts: Battery Efficiencies, Combustion Efficiencies, Lightweighting, New Mobility Systems and Transportation Analysis. 
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CARB Developing Smog Check Regulations
CARB is developing new in-use “smog check” regulations for all heavy-duty diesel, natural gas or diesel vehicles including trucks, buses and motorhomes. CARB plans to use remote sensing devices with license plate readers to identify and fine high-emitting vehicles. Out of state vehicles will not be exempt. 
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North American Council for Freight Efficiency Develops Hydrogen Fuel Cell Truck Guidance
NACFE (the North American Council for Freight Efficiency) has developed a guidance document on Hydrogen Fuel Cell Trucks (FCV). Their conclusions include: FCV performance should be compared to battery-electric, not diesel trucks; FCV should be introduced in return-to-base applications growing into longer (and eventually 24/7 autonomous) ranges; growth in the use of FCV will depend on the development of hydrogen fueling stations.
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Sacramento Clean Cities Sponsors Make The News
Toyota CEO Says Electric Vehicles are Overhyped
Toyota’s CEO, Akio Toyoda, has expressed concerns that the rapid implementation of battery-electric vehicles will cause CO2 emissions to increase, not decrease, even as the company appears to be on the verge of being the first company to introduce solid state automotive batteries in 2021.
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Alternative Fuel Insight
USDA Opens Grant Opportunity
The USDA has opened a $22M grant opportunity, $15M for fueling facilities with ethanol blends greater than 10% and $7M for fueling facilities offering biodiesel blends greater than 5%.
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US DOE Releases Energy Storage Grand Challenge Roadmap
The US DOE has released the “Energy Storage Grand Challenge Roadmap” with a goal to develop and domestically manufacture electricity storage technologies that can meet all U.S. market demands by 2030, including long duration storage at 5¢/kW and $80/kWh battery pack cost.
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Clean Transportation Legislative Win
Congress has approved a Transportation Bill that extends the Alternative Fuel Tax Credits, and also funds EVs and a wide range of Green Diesel and Alternative Fuel Programs. The president is expected to sign the bill.
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Volkswagen Testing Wall Charger with Bi-Directional Capabilities
Volkswagen has begun testing a 22kW wall charger with bi-directional capabilities, allowing the battery pack in the car to provide backup power to a home. 
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Octillion Power Systems Debuts EV Battery Leasing Program
Octillion Power Systems is piloting an innovative program that allows fleet operators to lease, rather than purchase, their electric vehicles’ batteries. This can allow fleets to significantly reduce the capital cost of the vehicle while moving the battery pack lease from the capital budget to the operating budget as a “fuel” cost. 
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Lordstown Motors and Camping World Come Together to Build Electric RV
Lordstown Motors will use the Endurance EV Pickup Truck platform in a partnership with Camping World to develop an RV. Camping World will also provide Lordstown with a service (and potentially a sales) network for the Endurance and their planned SUV.
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Refineries Report
California Refineries: For the week ending 12/11/20, refineries in California produced 5,934 barrels of gasoline and 2,049 barrels of diesel. Gasoline production was down by 5.2% and diesel production was down by 6.7% from last week’s production numbers. The current LCFS Credit for 1 MT of CO2 remains at $198.66. 
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Read More Here for LCFS credit.
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