Upcoming Clean Cities Webinars
Micro Mobility Strategies
February 15, 12 noon
  • Coast Guard Air Base Equipment Distribution
  • UPS, Amazon & GM’s Bright Drop Logistics
  • Campus/Community Services & Deliveries
Registration NOT required - Join 2/15/22 at Noon at this LINK
Lucid Air
February 15, 12 noon
  • 500 Mile Range
  • 900v System, Chargeable at 300kW
  • 0-60 in 2.4s, Top Speed 168mh
Registration NOT required - Join 2/15/22 at Noon at this LINK
Presentation Slides and Videos from Previous Sacramento Clean Cities Webinars
Presentation Slides and Recording posted Here
Grant Opportunities
California EV Incentives
The California Clean Vehicle Rebate Program (CVRP) guidelines are updated every six months. The eligibility and rebate amounts are available on the CARB CVRP website. 
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SMUD Incentive
SMUD’s Charge@Home incentive program began on December 8 and lasts until February 28, 2022. SMUD residential customers who have purchased or leased a new or used EV may qualify for up to $500 for the purchase of a Level 2 charger and up to $500 for installation by a licensed electrician.
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Caltech Rocket Fund
The Caltech Rocket Fund 2022 is open for applications from startups needing funds for building their first commercial product prototype. The fund has five tracks:
  • Integrated grid & decarbonized energy 
  • Green buildings and materials
  • Hard to decarbonize (e.g. cement)
  • Precision ag, air quality, carbon capture
  • Moonshot, for innovative technologies
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EPA Clean School Bus Program
The Clean School Bus Program provides $5 billion over five years (FY 2022-2026) for the replacement of existing school buses with clean school buses and zero-emission school buses. EPA intends to open a rebate program as early as April 2022.
Eligible recipients for this funding include:
  • State and local governments,
  • Nonprofit school transportation associations, and
  • Tribes, Tribal organizations or Tribal-controlled schools.
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New Updates, Regulations, and Requirements
Mandatory CDL Class A or B Entry Level Driver Training (ELDT)
Beginning on February 7, 2022, DMV will implement mandatory ELDT for Class A or B licenses. ELDT must be conducted by a registered training provider. Mandatory ELDT training applies when:
  • Obtaining an original CDL (Class A or B);
  • Upgrading an existing Class B CDL to a Class A CDL; or
  • Obtaining a School Bus (S), Passenger (P), or Hazardous Materials (H) endorsement. 
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White House "Made in America" Efforts
The White House has put out a statement of their commitment to develop American products and American jobs.
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CARB Advanced Tech Workgroup
CARB will hold a public workgroup meeting on Advanced Technology Demonstration projects on February 18 at 9:30am. 
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CARB TRU Public Hearing
CARB will hold a Public Hearing for Proposed Amendments to the Airborne Toxic Control Measure for In-Use Diesel-Fueled Transport Refrigeration Units (TRU) and TRU Generator Sets, and Facilities Where TRUs Operate on February 24 at 9am.
Regulation Info Here
Board Meeting Date Info Here
CARB MD/HD Costs and Funding Workgroup
CARB will be holding two workgroup meetings on 2/22/22 and 3/10/22 from 8:30 - 2:00 to review costs and funding for MD/HD electric vehicles relative to electricity and the grid. Individuals interested in participating in the workgroup meetings need to complete an application form. 
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CARB EVSE Standards Review
CARB staff invite comments on the EVSE Standards Technology Review. Comments should be submitted by February 28. 
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AB 617 Communities
CARB will conduct a public meeting to consider selecting additional communities under the Community Air Protection Program on February 10 no earlier than 4pm. 
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Zero-Emission Airport Shuttle
CARB has sent out a reminder notice that the Zero-Emission Airport Shuttle Regulation reporting deadline is March 1, 2022.
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Advanced Clean Cars II Rule-making
CARB has published the proposed schedule for completing and adopting a more stringent set of emission standards that will accelerate ZEV and PHEV implementation.
  • April 15, 2022: Proposed Regulation Order Posted for Public Comment
  • May 31, 2022: Public Comment Period Closes 
  • June 9, 2022: First of Two Public Hearings by CARB Board 
  • August 2022: Second Public Hearings and proposed adoption by CARB Board
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Sacramento Clean Cities Sponsors Make The News
Lightning eMotors & GM
Lightning eMotors has become a Specialty Vehicle Manufacturer with GM, and will electrify Class 3 - 6 vehicles on GM platforms. 
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DANNAR Joint Base Andrews Demo
DANNAR’s Joint Base Andrews demonstration of their 250kW and 500kW full-electric Mobile Power System (MPS). Demonstrations will include the unit using a wider range of attachments including Loader Arms, Snowplow, Barrel Grabber, Salt Spreader, Bucket, Sweeper, Backhoe, Compactor, Hammer, Trencher, Auger, Scissor Lift. 
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Alternative Fuel Insight
CAISO Prices Grid Upgrades at $30.5B
California Independent System Operator (CAISO) has indicated that the California electric grid will require $30.5B in upgrades by 2040. This price tag does not include the cost of the solar and wind electric generation systems that will need to be constructed to replace current generation systems.
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EV Sales Q4 2021
Sales information shows that EVs had a very strong Q4. Kelly Blue Book reported that Q4 2021 was 72% higher than Q4 2020, and that EVs represented 4.5% of all new car sales in Q4 2021, setting a new record.
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Airstream eStream
Airstream has debuted a electric Airstream camper trailer with a host of attributes including making trailer power available to the towing vehicle and a self-propelled parking app on the owner’s smart phone. 
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Idling vs. Stop/Start
Argonne Labs analyzed emissions and fuel use comparing allowing a vehicle to idle versus stopping the engine and then restarting (ex. RR Crossing, Drive Through). Fuel use and CO2 emissions are higher for idling, and for every hour of idling, 0.2 to 0.5 gallons of fuel are used.
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Union Pacific EV Switchers
Union Pacific will purchase 20 battery electric switch locomotives by 2024 in a $100M demonstration program. The locomotives will operate at yards in California and Nebraska to monitor performance in hot and cold weather conditions. 
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Boeing EV Aircraft Investment
Boeing has invested additional funds in Wisk Aero to continue development of electric aerial taxi aircraft. Wisk is currently developing their sixth generation aircraft and expect to have commercial craft in five years. 
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Right to Repair Legislation
Congressman Bobby Rush (D-Ill.) has introduced federal legislation (HR 6570) to require that auto manufacturers give independent repair shops equal access to the tools and the data necessary to fully maintain and repair their vehicles. 
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HP Up, Fuel Economy Also Up
Average vehicle horsepower reached an all-time high of 252hp in 2021, but while horsepower has gone up by 84% over the past 46 years and fuel economy has also gone up, engine displacement has gone down by 40%.
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EV Motor Efficiency vs. Material Costs
The highest efficiency design for EV Motors uses rare earth metals for powerful magnets, but China controls almost 100% of the world market for rare earth metals. So manufacturers are looking to use less efficient technologies like induction windings to save manufacturing costs. 
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LCFS CI Pathways Certified
AL CORN CLEAN FUEL, cellulosic processing of corn fiber, rail transport: 24.84gCO2e/MJ
Low Carbon Fuel Standard Credit
Low Carbon Fuel Standard Credit
Conferences and Programs
NGVi Public Training Schedule
  • Vehicle Training Level 2: CNG Fuel System Inspector Training Feb 7 – Feb 8, 2022 Register
  • Diesel Aftertreatment Emission Systems Training Feb 9, 2022 Register
  • Vehicle Training Level 3: Heavy-Duty NGV Maintenance and Diagnostics Training Mar 7 – Mar 8, 2022 Register
  • Vehicle Training Level 3: Cummins INSITE and QSOL Software Training Mar 9, 2022 Register
  • Vehicle Training Level 2: CNG Fuel System Inspector Training Apr 4- Apr 5, 2022 Register
  • Essentials of CNG Station Operation and Maintenance Apr 25 – Apr 26, 2022 Register
  • Vehicle Training Level 3: Heavy-Duty NGV Maintenance and Diagnostics Training May 23 – May 24, 2022 Register
Green Truck Summit-Work Truck Show
North America’s largest work truck event, the Green Truck Summit, will be held again this year in Indianapolis March 8 - 11. Use promo code CALIFORNIA22 when registering, and you’ll receive access to the exhibit hall (open March 9–11), including Ride & Drive, and a complimentary concurrent education session. Registration package upgrades and add-ons are available (advance pricing discounts apply through Feb. 8).
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NAFA 2022 Institute & Expo
Registration is now open for the NAFA 2022 Institute & Expo April 11-13 in Columbus, OH. The programs will cover fleet issues in corporate, government, public safety, utility, education and more.
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The EverythingEV USA Conference
The “EverythingEV USA” Conference will be held in Austin, Texas. The DATE has been CHANGED from March 23 and 24 to June 15 and 16. (The new dates are not yet confirmed.) The conference will feature the decarbonisation of road transport in the USA, the challenges to deploying EV charging infrastructure, helping businesses to electrify their fleets, and technologies to mitigate the energy demands on the grid.
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FORTH's 2022 Roadmap Conference
FORTH’s 2022 “Roadmap Conference” will take place June 29-30, 2022 at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland. Sacramento Clean Cities Stakeholder will receive a $50 discount when using Discount Code SACRAMENTOCC.
Register Here
Green Transportation Summit & Expo 2022
The Green Transportation Summit & Expo (GTSE), August 16-18, will offer attendees an inside look at the latest in fleet technologies and innovation and provide informative sessions featuring a who’s who of national and regional transportation leaders.
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