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Special Announcement
12 California Fleets Placed in the TOP 50 Green Fleets in the US for 2023 The National Association of Fleet Administrators (NAFA) "2023 Green Fleet Award Winners"
  • Recognizes peak-performing fleet sustainability efforts 
  • Honors fleets who have enhanced practices to make a positive impact on the environment
  • Sacramento County placed 11th in the Entire US!
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CARB Truck Regulation Advisory Committee
August 22 - In-person & Virtual
  • Develop strategies for the successful implementation of the ACF regulation
  • Identify ways to fine tune outreach, training, and implementation
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Grants Accepting Applications
Clean Off-Road Equipment (CORE) Funding Available
  • Voucher Incentives for the purchase of Heavy-duty Off-road Equipment 
  • $182M Available Now on a First Come/First Served Basis Until Funds are Exhausted
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CEC "EnergIIZE" Drayage Fleet and the Transit Set-Aside Funding
  • Funding Pairs HVIP Incentives with infrastructure (EnergIIZE) project incentives
  • Drayage Funding $22.275M
  • Transit Funding $11.4M
  • Funding Open 7/27/23 to 8/25/23
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EPA 2023 Clean School Bus (CSB) Grant Program
  • $400 million in competitive grant funding for zero-emission school buses, clean school buses, and EVSE.
  • Two grant categories: school district and Tribal applicants; and third-party applicants.
  • Priority given to replace buses serving high-need local education agencies, rural areas, Tribal school districts and public school districts receiving basic support payments for students living on Tribal land, and rural areas. 
  • At least 40% of the funding will go to disadvantaged communities.
  • Grant deadline: Tuesday, August 22.
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ZEV Transit & Drayage EnergIIZE Infrastructure Funding Available
  • Transit Funding
  • Eligible Applicants: Transit Agencies, Native American Tribes, NGOs Serving Tribes
  • $11.4M Available
  • Drayage Funding
  • Eligible Applicants: Fleets currently requesting HVIP Drayage Truck Set-Aside Vouchers
  • Fleets currently on the HVIP Drayage Set-Aside list of eligible entities
  • $22.275M Available
  • Applications due by August 25
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CARB Clean Transportation and Planning Funding Grants
  • $32.65 million available to fund planning, clean transportation, and supporting projects
  • Community-based organizations, local governments, public schools and tribes are eligible
  • Concept Phase applications due September 8, 2023. 
  • Full Phase applications due November 3, 2023
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2023 DERA Announced
  • Diesel Emission Reduction Act for 2023
  • $115M to reduce emissions from the nation’s existing fleet of older diesel engines
  • Applications due by December 1, 2023
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New Updates, Regulations, and Requirements
CEC Workshop on SB 100 - Charting the Path to 100 Percent Clean Electricity
August 22 - 9am
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Lake Tahoe Electric Transportation Forum
Sept 29 - Lake Tahoe Community College
  • The benefits of electrifying transportation in the Lake Tahoe Basin
  • Lake Tahoe leaders’ perspectives on challenges & opportunities in electrifying transportation
  • Grants, tax credits, and other financial incentives available to electrify transportation
  • The “Transportation as a Service” model for government agencies
  • Model examples of electric transportation in other areas
  • Electric watercraft and other “e” recreational products such as snowmobiles and ATVs
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American River Fall Career Fair
  • Students are getting AA Degrees as Auto Techs, Electricians, Computer Techs, Office Workers, etc.
  • Reserving a table ($350) includes: Continental Breakfast, Lunch, 1 Table, 2 Chairs, Free Parking
  • October 11, 10am - 2pm - 4700 College Oak Drive, Sacramento
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Sacramento Clean Cities Sponsors Make The News
City of Fairfield Off-Grid Charging Solution
The City of Fairfield has acquired a Pioneer Energy e-Boost, a trailer-mounted unit that has will provide the charging necessary for the large-scale introduction of EVs while the City is waiting for permanent infrastructure. Because the unit is trailer mounted, it will continue to have uses for remote and off-road sites in the future. 
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GM Makes V2H Universal
GM has announced that they will make V2H a function on all GM vehicles that have the Ultimum battery system. This will include the 2024 Silverado, the 2024 GMC Sierra, the 2024 Blazer, 2024, Equinox, the 2024 Cadillac Lyriq, and the Cadillac Escalade IQ.
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Ford Developing a Fuel Cell Truck
Ford has signed a letter of intent with Ballard, with Ballard to deliver a fuel cell drivetrain to Ford. Ford will develop a fuel cell truck, the F-Max, with the first markets to be served in Europe in 2025. 
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Nikola Hydrogen Station Funding Awards
Nikola has been awarded $58.2M to install first seven hydrogen stations of their planned 50 “HYLA” stations in along freight corridors in California.  
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Ford Patents Wireless Charging
Ford has been issued a patent on a wireless charging technology titled, “Roadway Charging Coil Alignment and Monitoring” that is designed to charge vehicles that are driving on roadways. 
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Alternative Fuel Insight
Driverless Taxi Permits Issued in San Francisco
Waymo (owned by Alphabet that also owns Google) and Cruise (owned by GM) have been issued permits by the CPUC to operate full-time revenue taxi services in San Francisco.  
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Drive Motor Decoupler
Magna, an Austrian auto component manufacturer, has designed and is building a device that decouples the motor when coasting. Magna claims this can increase range by up to 9%.
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Electrify America Pricing Changes
Electrify America is making a number of pricing changes. The cost per kW or per minute will no vary based in the site location, customers will be charged 40¢ per minute for cars left at a charger for more than 10 minutes after the charging session ends and the Pass+ program will nearly double in price from $4/month to $7/month, this following a 15% hike in Q1 of this year. 
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EV Market Hitting a Plateau?
With Ford’s announced reduction in EV production targets, Ford dealers turning away Mach-E allocations and EV inventories double ICE inventories at dealerships, some industry experts are predicting a plateau of EV sales somewhere between 7% and 10% of new car purchases. 
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Naturally Occurring "White" Hydrogen
Subterranean hydrogen reserves have been found in the past, mostly by accident when drilling for water or fossil fuels, but now a major effort has begun to understand how these reserves are formed. The US Geological Survey has stated that there may be hundreds of years of hydrogen available as companies explore potential sites in North America and Australia. 
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LCFS Renewable Fuel Pathways
California Average Grid Electricity Carbon Intensity: California average grid electricity used as a transportation fuel in California: 79.43 to 81.49gCO2e/MJ.
CARB Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) Credits-$78.25
The “Iron Law of Power Density”: The Iron Law of Power Density observes that the lower the power density of a given source, the higher the resource intensity needed to produce energy from that source. For example, wind has a very low energy density and requires significant mineral resources to make wind turbines and significant land to house wind turbines. Examples of the amount of Mineral Resources and land needed to produce energy from various sources:
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Conferences and Programs
Electric Truck DEPOT Bootcamp
The North American Council for Freight Efficiency (NACFE) is offering a free ten-session series of one hour webinars covering the requirements for electrifying a truck depot. The webinars will run from 10am - 11am every other Tuesday from April 25 through September 5.
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Green Transportation Summit and Expo "Accelerate to Zero"
August 22 - 24 - Tacoma, Washington
  • West Coast’s Premier Fleet Modernization & Sustainable Transportation Event
  • Networking, Information Sessions, Workshops, Vehicle Walk-throughs
  • Live Technician Training
Register Here (Use Discount Code SACRAMENTO-CC-30 for a 30% Discount)
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"ZEB Con" Zero Emission Bus Conference
Sept 26-28 San Diego
  • Site Tours of Electric Bus Deployments
  • ZEB 101 Course
  • Charge Management
  • Hydrogen Fueling
  • ZEB Depot Planning
  • Financing
  • Workforce Development
  • ZEB Transition Planning
  • Microgrids
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Mobilize Summit 2023
October 30 & 31 - Long Beach
  • Transportation, Aviation & Logistics Professionals
  • Latest on Emerging Technologies
  • Workforce Education 
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