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Grants Accepting Applications
Sac Metro Air District Grant Program Now Open
  • $20M in Funding available - open until funds are full awarded
  • On-road, Off-road & Infrastructure Project Proposals Welcome
  • Applicants with a complete project proposal including a completed Payee Data Record form, usage and ownership documents, detailed price quotes, equipment photos, and other requirements are encouraged to apply.
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CARB Soliciting Administrator for the Advanced Technology Demonstration and Projects
  • Applications due by December 16
  • Intended to move technologies from demonstration to commercial 
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Upcoming Workshops
CARB Regulatory Webinar Training
  • December 14 - Compliance Overview: Truck & Bus, Portable Equipment Rules
  • December 15 - CARB Smog Check for Heavy Trucks
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CARB ACF Workgroup Refuse Fleets
December 12 - In-person and Virtual
  • 9am - 12 noon
  • Discussion of aligning organic waste fleets’ transition to ZEV
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CARB Financing Assistance Implementation Work Group
December 13 - Virtual
  • Discuss the implementation of a needs-based financing model
  • Develop innovative solutions to bring clean transportation to lower-income and disadvantaged communities
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EPA "Listening Session" on the Clean Heavy-Duty Vehicle Program
December 13 - Virtual
  • Coordination with the Diesel Emissions Reduction Act (DERA)
  • Vehicle sectors to prioritize
  • DAC Benefits
  • Supporting high quality jobs and best practices for labor standards
  • Metrics for measuring success and ensuring accountability
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Community Air Grant Request for Applications Workshop
December 14 - Virtual
  • Provide community-based organizations with logistical and technical assistance
  • Eligible applicants are 501(c)3 non-profit organizations and native American Tribes
  • $10M is available
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Zero-Emission Hydrogen Locomotive Webinar
December 16
  • Sierra Northern RR will be operating a hydrogen fuel-cell locomotive in West Sacramento
  • First of its kind, proof of concept
  • Zero-emission, environmentally friendly
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DOE Request for Information (RFI): Energy Efficiency Upgrades to Buildings Owned and Operated by Non-Profit Organizations
December 19
  • $50M available over five [federal] fiscal years
  • DOE is seeking information on: (1) Outreach, (2) Technical Assistance, (3) Criteria and Metrics, (4) Funding, (5) Partnerships and Community Benefits
  • Responses are due by Dec 19 or Dec 22 -(the federal posting lists both due dates in different places)
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US EPA Seeks Public Input on the Renewable Fuel Standard
The US EPA has issued a multi-part proposal that will build on the strong foundation for the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) program. EPA will be soliciting public comment on the proposed rule and holding a public hearing in January.
New Updates, Regulations, and Requirements
Gina O'Neal, Sac Clean Cities Co-Director Honored
Gina O’Neal, Co-Director of the Sacramento Clean Cities Coalition and Planner/Analyst with the Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District, was honored by the Community Resource Project (CRP) on Wednesday, November 30, 2022. 
CRP Board President, Joey Ramirez, and CRP Chief Executive Officer, Luis H. Sanchez, both signed a statement of gratitude for Ms. O’Neal’s work assisting CRP in securing a fleet of heavy-duty zero-emission trucks and vehicle charging stations, for her help working with CRP to develop transportation solutions in disadvantaged communities in Sacramento and for her continued efforts in, “Helping CRP navigate through a complicated system of funding application processes so that CRP could be successful in participation in Sacramento’s clean air environment.” 
The recognition award was presented to Ms. O’Neal on the occasion of the delivery of CRPs first Ford eTransit battery electric panel van that will be added to the CRP fleet and used to provide energy efficiency upgrades to low-income residents in Sacramento. 
Read more about the Sacramento Clean Cities Coalition HERE
Read more about the Community Resource Center HERE
Read more about the Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District’s Incentive Programs HERE
Fairfield Fleet Management Analyst Position Open
The City of Fairfield Fleet Division will be hiring a Management Analyst. The duties will include:
  • Assisting in the development and management of budgets;
  • Developing and administering grant applications;
  • Managing special projects.
The job will be posted to the Fairfield Employment Opportunities Website Here
Hazardous Materials Transportation Certification Training (HAZMAT)
December 15
  • General Awareness/Familiarization Training
  • Security Awareness Training
  • Safety Training
  • Function Specific Training - Drivers
  • Sponsored by California Trucking Association (Member: $149, Non-Member $199)
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Sacramento Clean Cities Sponsors Make The News
Sac Metro Air District Grant Helps PepsiCo Introduce Tesla Semi Trucks
Thanks in part to a grant from the Sac Metro Air District, the PepsiCo bottling facility in Sacramento has introduced several Battery-electric Tesla Semi Trucks. PepsiCo has also introduced several Tesla Semi Trucks at its FritoLay plant in Modesto. The Tesla Semi is said to have a range of 500 miles with an 81,000 pound fully loaded tare weight.
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Ford to Deliver 2,000 eTransits to DHL
Ford will deliver 2,000 eTransits to DHL worldwide in the next 12 months. DHL will also acquire Ford’s Pro Suite fleet management software. Ford maintained the ICE Transit dimensions so that previously-designed 3rd party upfit systems, such as shelving and ladder racks will work on the eTransit. 
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NGVi Live Virtual CNG Fuel System Inspector Training
NGVi offers live virtual training for CNG technicians with unlimited opportunities to rewatch as often as necessary.
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Toyota Fuel Cell Pickup Truck
Toyota Fuel Cell Pickup Truck: Toyota is developing a hydrogen fuel cell drivetrain for their Hilux pickup truck, with proof-of-concept completed in 2023 and production prototype in 2024. The Hilux will have the next generation Mirai power fuel cell technology.
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Toyota Hydrogen Combustion Engine Development
Toyota Hydrogen Combustion Engine Development: Toyota is developing hydrogen combustion engines for their racing fleet with the potential transition of the technology to their automotive fleet. The development platform is the Corolla Cross prototype that has achieved performance equivalent to gasoline with dramatically improved efficiency and with refueling time reduced to 1.5 minutes. Toyota believes that hydrogen combustion offers a path to zero emissions that can take advantage of the existing fueling infrastructure while avoiding the significant environmental impacts associated with the materials necessary to make EV batteries. 
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Alternative Fuel Insight
Honda Plug-In Hybrid Hydrogen Fuel Cell CR-V
Honda will be bringing back their hydrogen fuel cell car with an interesting twist. Using the CR-V platform, Honda will make their hydrogen fuel cell car a plug-in hybrid BEV, combining the convenience of home charging for around-the-town EV driving with the extended range and rapid refueling of hydrogen. 
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CEC "Green" Hydrogen Funding
The CEC is proposing to allocate $40M in Q2 2023 for Large Scale Centralized “Green” Hydrogen Production development and $30M in Q4 of 2023 for Onsite “Green” Hydrogen Production and Use.
Canoo Delivers EV Truck to the Army
Canoo, with an Oklahoma City manufacturing site, has delivered a prototype off-road EV truck to the U.S. Army. The truck can be configured as a pickup truck or flatbed, large enough to haul construction or military gear. 
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$1/gge RNG Tax Credit Bill Introduced
A bipartisan bill introduced by Linda Sanchez (D-CA) and Brian Fitzpatrick (R-PA) would authorize a $1/gge tax credit for RNG. This bill mirrors a bipartisan bill introduced earlier this year in the senate by Richard Burr (R-NC) and Mark Warner (D-VA). 
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Bio-Generated Hydrogen from Depleted Oil Wells
Cemvita Factory, a Texas-based biotech company has demonstrated a microbe-plus-nutrient mixture that, within days of being injected into depleted oil wells, turns the dead oil well into a multi-decade source of green hydrogen, as the specially-tailored microbes consume the remaining oil that can no longer be economically extracted and “exhale” hydrogen. There are currently at least 1,000 depleted oil wells around the US suitable for this approach. The CBO of Cemvita Factory says this technology can produce green hydrogen for $1 per kilogram at the wellhead.
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Tesla Confirms Megawatt Chargers
Tesla has confirmed that they will have a liquid-cooled charging system, currently titled “V4” that will enable megawatt charging using their proprietary North America Charging Standard (NACS) connector. This technology will be an upgrade to existing Superchargers next year, and will be used for both the Cyber Truck and the Semi, although no commitment has been made that either model will be capable of 1MW charging immediately. 
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BMW iX5 Hydrogen Production Begins
BMW will build a small production run of iX5 hydrogen fuel cell cars in South Carolina, with the final fuel cell installations done in Germany with some of the unique components 3D printed from Additive Manufacturing and using fuel cells from Japan. BMW board member Frank Weber points out that 40 countries worldwide have hydrogen power strategies, that hydrogen stations increased by 27% from 2021 to 2022, that hydrogen is, “...greener than sourcing batteries,” and that more OEMs are entering the hydrogen market.
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Hyundai Unveils Hydrogen Fuel Cell "N Vision 74"
Hyundai is developing a high-performance fuel cell car, currently dubbed the “N Vision 74” with a power system rated at 670hp with a 5 minute refueling time. Hyundai is also testing their 500-mile fuel cell semi and is developing fuel cell power systems for ships, trains, off-road equipment and power generation. 
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LCFS Renewable Fuel Pathways
California Average Grid Electricity Carbon Intensity: California average grid electricity used as a transportation fuel in California: 76.73gCO2e/MJ.
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Low Carbon Fuel Credits-$67.00
Recent Carbon Intensity (CI) Pathway Applications 
  • Recent Submittals to the Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) Tier 2 Pathways
  • B034501: YELLOW JACKET LAKESHORE RNG PROJECT (71321); Biogas from dairy manure at Lakeshore Dairy in Wilson, NY; upgraded to pipeline quality at Yellow Jacket Lakeshore RNG Project; trucked to pipeline injection and pipelined to CA for transportation
  • B034701: YELLOW JACKET BOXLER RNG PROJECT (71222); Biogas from dairy manure at Boxler Dairy in Varysburg, NY; upgraded to pipeline quality at Yellow Jacket Boxler RNG Project; trucked to pipeline injection and pipelined to CA for transportation
  • B032501: PHILLIPS 66 COMPANY (4528); Facility Name: Phillips 66 Rodeo (82191); Renewable gasoline from soybean oil transported by barge to California; natural gas, steam, off gasses, grid electricity and hydrogen; distributed in California via barge/rail/pipeline [CI paperwork shows a range from 58.48 to 63.35]
  • B032502: PHILLIPS 66 COMPANY (4528); Facility Name: Phillips 66 Rodeo (82191); Renewable gasoline produced from soybean oil transported by rail to California; natural gas, steam, off gasses, grid electricity and hydrogen; distributed in California via barge/rail/pipeline [CI paperwork shows a range from 58.48 to 63.35]
  • B032503: PHILLIPS 66 COMPANY (4528); Facility Name: Phillips 66 Rodeo (82191); Renewable gasoline produced from canola oil transported by rail and ship to California; natural gas, steam, off gasses, grid electricity and hydrogen; distributed in California via barge/rail/pipeline [CI paperwork shows a range from 58.48 to 63.35]
  • B033701:PHILLIPS 66 COMPANY (4528); Facility Name: Phillips 66 Rodeo (82191); Renewable gasoline produced from distiller’s corn oil transported by rail to California; natural gas, steam, off gasses, grid electricity and hydrogen; distributed in California via barge/ship/pipeline [CI paperwork shows 38.86]
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Conferences and Programs
FORTH Roadmap Conference
May 15 - 17, 2023
  • Leading developments, best practices, and the future of electric, shared, and smart mobility. 
  • Four conference tracks, Vehicles, Charging, Impact and Cutting Edge
EVS36 "Driving the Transition to E-Mobility"
June 11 - 14, 2023 - Sacramento Convention Center
  • Annual international gathering of the world’s EV experts
  • Cutting-edge research 
  • Innovative technologies
  • EV Market developments
Read more about EVS36 Here
  • EVS36 Call for papers covering:
  • Research
  • Market and government programs
  • Activities across all fields related to hybrid, battery & fuel cell technologies
  • EV infrastructure and services.
Read more about submitting papers Here
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