Upcoming Clean Cities Webinars
Ford EV Lineup
October 19, 12 noon: Rick Keithley, Ford Pro Zone Manager, will present the Ford EV lineup to the Sacramento Plug-in Electric Vehicle Collaborative on October 19 at 12 noon. Registration is not required. The webinar is available at this LINK
Included in the presentation will be:
  • F150 “Lightning” Battery Electric Pickup Truck
  • Transit Battery Electric Van
  • Mustang Mach-E Battery Electric Police Cruiser
Fleet ZEV Transition Planning
  • 10/27/21 10am: Planning EV Infrastructure for Your Fleet   
  • 11/3/21  10am: Fleet Data Collection
  • 11/10/21 10am: Medium-duty and Heavy-duty Transition Planning
  • Chris White, Senior Program Manager, Frontier Energy
  • Mike Usen, Electromobility and Resiliency Lead, DKS Associates
Registration is NOT required. Join at 10am (Pacific Time) on this LINK
Light-Duty EVs: Basic Maintenance and Troubleshooting
11/17/21 10am Basic Maintenance & Troubleshooting
  • General maintenance for EVs
  • Solving charging issues
  • Diagnosing regen braking issues
  • Maximizing battery health
  • Aashish (Ash) Dalal, BS/MS in Mechanical Engineering from UCD
  • 20 Years of EV, PHEV and ICE Technician Experience
  • Owner “Ohm Electric” (Diagnose, Repair, Upfit EVs)
  • Custom EV Builder
Registration is NOT required. Join at 10am (Pacific Time) on this LINK
Fleet ZEV Transition Regulations
  • 12/1//21 10am CARB Advanced Clean Fleet Rule 
  • All Public Agencies in California with one or more vehicles 8,501+ GVWR
  • All Fleets in the US with 50 or more vehicles 8,501+ GVWR that enter CA
  • All Fleets in the US with $50M+ in Gross Annual Revenue
  • 12/15/21 10am: CARB Heavy-duty Enhanced Inspection & Maintenance Rule
Applies to all vehicles with internal combustion engines registered in or operating CA
  • David Renschler, Fleet Division Manager, City of Fairfield & MEMA NorCal Vice Chairman
Registration is required and is available for Fleet Managers Only. Registration coming soon.
Grant Opportunities
EPA School Bus Grants
The US EPA is opening two school bus grant programs, one funded through the American Rescue Plan (ARP) and one funded under the Diesel Emission Reduction Act (DERA). ARP will fund up to $300K per bus for up to four buses. DERA will fund between $20K and $65K per bus for up to 10 buses with a cap of $300K per application. Other differences between the two programs include (but are not limited to) size of bus being replaced, fuel type of replacement bus, etc. The Application deadline for both grants is November 5, 2021.
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DOE Inclusive Energy Innovation Grants
DOE LEAP Grant Program: DOE will provide technical assistance services valued at up to $16 million to support 24-36 communities to develop their own community-driven clean energy transition approach for communities currently experiencing either direct environmental justice impacts or direct economic impacts from a shift away from historical reliance on fossil fuels.
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New Updates, Regulations, and Requirements
CA PUC Approves Rules for EV Infrastructure
The PUC has approved rules allowing electric utilities to increase their customer’s rates to pay for Power Distribution Hardware and Installation (i.e. new or larger power poles or trenches), New or Larger Transformers, and New Trenching Connections between transformers and sites where charging for cars, trucks and buses (including fleet sites like truck and bus terminals) are located.
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CARB Board Approval of the Mobile Source Strategy
The CARB Board will meet on October 28 at 9am, and the agenda will include approval of the multi-pollutant strategy to accomplish the requirements of California’s numerous goals and targets as well as the governor’s Executive Order N-79-20 to achieve 100 percent of California sales of new passenger cars be zero-emission by 2035, that all drayage trucks be zero-emission by 2035, all off road equipment be zero-emission where feasible by 2035, and the remainder of medium- and heavy-duty vehicles be zero-emission where feasible by 2045.
CARB Public Workshop
CARB will conduct a public workshop on the Proposed FY 2021-22 Funding Plan on November 19, 2021 at 9am.
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CARB Enhanced HD I/M Regulation
CARB will hold a hearing on the adoption of an enhanced Heavy-duty Inspection and Maintenance regulation on December 9 at 9am. The Enhanced HD I/M Regulation would require periodic testing of HD vehicles with internal combustion engines operating in California, including out-of-state vehicles, to ensure their emissions control systems are functioning properly.
Sacramento Clean Cities Sponsors Make The News
Nikola's Hydrogen Production Plans
Nikola has signed an agreement with TC Energy to collaborate on co-developing, constructing, operating and owning large-scale hydrogen production facilities (hubs) in the US and Canada.
Read more about Nikola’s development agreements for:
  • Hydrogen Production Here
  • Hydrogen Station Construction Here
  • Hydrogen Vehicle Service Here
Ford "Charge Angels"
Ford is deploying specially trained EVSE testers driving specially equipped Ford Mustang Mach-Es to investigate any reported EVSE that are not working properly. Ford will also monitor social media sites for EVSE complaints. 
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Alternative Fuel Insight
Matheson Implements Next Gen ISX12N
Sacramento-based Matheson Postal Service has been one of the first fleets in the US to put a Kenworth T680 equipped with the Cummins “Next Gen ISX12N” into service showing significant fuel economy gains.
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Tesla Price Hike
Tesla has increased the price of both Model Y and the Model 3 by $1K to $2K, apparently due to the global chip shortage and an unspecified reference to the fight against COVID.
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DaeTech EVSE Supercapacitor Plus Battery
A UC Davis-based startup, DaeTech, has developed a self-contained EVSE that combines a capacitor for very high-speed charging plus 200kWh of off-grid storage, all using a 240v power supply.
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Freightliner EVs
Freightliner’s eCascadia and eM2 have accumulated over 1 million miles of service in fleets in the US and Canada, with one major takeaway being the significance of regenerative braking that provides 20% to 30% energy recapture. 
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Hyundai Joins Shell for More Hydrogen Stations
Hyundai of North America has joined Shell’s hydrogen division to add 48 hydrogen stations and upgrade 2 existing stations in California. 
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LG Chem Pays GM $1.9B
GM has reached an agreement with LG Chem for reimbursement for most of the cost of recalling 140,000 Chevy Bold EVs due to battery pack fires. GM is replacing all Bolt battery packs with new, re-engineered battery packs. 
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Refineries Report
The LCFS Credit for 1 MT of CO2 is $174.00
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Conferences and Programs
NGV America's Annual Meeting and Industrial Summit
NGV America‘s Annual Meeting and Industrial Summit will be held October 19-21 in Phoenix and will include topics as variable as the Transition to a Net-Zero Global Economy, Building New Markets and The Future of Freight. 
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Sierra Business Council
Sierra Business Council, a group committed to Economic Empowerment, Regional Advocacy, and Climate Action in the Sierra Nevada region is hosting a webinar on October 26th, 12:30-1:30 on implementing EVs and EV Infrastructure with speakers from CalStart, Southern California Edison, Sacramento PEV Collaborative and PG&E. Registration is encouraged.
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Green California Schools Summit
The Green California Schools Summit will be held in Pasadena on November 4th, and will have a virtual online presence. Join in on the informative education program which features segments on EV infrastructure, facilities, funding and an exhibits
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Fleet Forward Conference
The Fleet Forward Conference, FFC21, focused on educating fleet operators on a broad range of electrification, autonomous vehicles, telematics and more, in San Jose, November 10 - 12.
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