Reading to children throughout the various stages of their childhood has several benefits as they grow up. Some of the most common benefits are listed below.

Supported Cognitive Development
Cognitive development is how a person perceives and thinks about their world. They do this through information processing, intelligence, reasoning language development, attention span, and memory. By reading to children, they are provided with a background knowledge of the world and their brain cells are allowed to multiply and strengthen.

Improved Language Skills
Reading to children daily helps them with language acquisition, communication skills, social skills, and literacy skills. The vocabulary and language in books are different from the language that is heard in daily life.

Prepare for Academic Sucess
The more words that are in a child's world of words, the more words they learn and the stronger their skills are. Even though they won't be able to practice fluency and phonetics before preschool, they will be introduced to phonic awareness, vocabulary comprehension, and reading comprehension.

Developing a Special Bond
Reading creates a great opportunity for bonding and an event that can be looked forward to when done regularly. Even with babies, reading provides a sense of nurturing and reassurance.

Increased Concentration and Discipline
With regular reading times, a child may be able to focus on the story for longer periods of time and not squirm while reading.

Improved Imagination and Creativity
Reading helps children use their imagination to explore people, places, times, and events that they haven't experienced.

Creates a Love of Reading
By reading to children, they are more likely to learn to love reading. When creating this love for reading lifelong learning is also developed, which is critical to their success.