Sensory play is an important part of any child's development. Some benefits are listed below.

Supports Cognitive Development
Sensory play helps the brain create & build connections between nerves.
Allows Children to Develop their Knowledge
Sensory play allows children to discover, which helps them become more aware of their surroundings.
Sensory-Rich Play is Inclusive
Sensory play may benefit children with special needs, a second language, or children that prefers a different approach to learning because of its inclusiveness.
Aids in Developing & Enhancing Memory
Smell is the strongest sense when it comes to memory & is aided with sensory play. However, it does help aid the other senses as well.
Encourages Development of Fine & Gross Motor Skills
Sensory play encourages moving & playing using repetitive movements.
Supports Language Development
By using multiple senses at the same time, a child's learning & language development is
Sensory Play Can Be Indoors or Outdoors
Outdoor play allows them to sense more thing & promote those senses. It also allows for
messy play.

Some ways to encourage & participate in sensory play are briefly listed below.

Sensory Tables, Bins, & Tubs
Creating a sensory station helps them build their awareness of their senses. A story or song
may be added to the activity to encourage longer learning & sensory fun. The activity doesn't
have to be limited to one age. However, smaller objects should be avoided with infants.

Ask Open-Ended Questions & Comments
You can comment & ask questions to help encourage learning.
Some examples of questions & comments may be:
What does it smell like?
What do you hear?
Tell me about ____.

To learn more about the benefits & get ideas for sensory play click on the link below.