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  • AStuff expansion and acquisition
  • New: SmartNet Network RTK
  • New: Velodyne VLS-128
What's happening at AStuff!
  • This month's favorite: Lee Baldwin
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AStuff expansion and acquisition
AutonomouStuff is growing in more ways than one. We bought a new building that more than quadruples our current development space. This allows us to build even more Automated Research Development Platforms and continue to ensure our customers’ success. 

In other exciting news, Hexagon has signed an agreement to acquire AutonomouStuff.

"The alignment between AutonomouStuff and Hexagon’s Positioning Intelligence division is very timely and will strategically address the common challenges related to the adoption of autonomous vehicles. Hexagon PI’s focus on functionally safe positioning coupled with AutonomouStuff’s unmatched ecosystem relationships, platform development and engineering services will result in even safer, more robust and reliable autonomous driving solutions," said Bobby Hambrick, Founder & CEO of AutonomouStuff.

Read our blog post for more, including a heartfelt message from our CEO.
New: SmartNet Network RTK
SmartNet was built to provide high-precision, high-availability GNSS correction services for any application in any precision industry. SmartNet connects your autonomous vehicle seamlessly to over 1,300 reference stations providing up-to-date Network RTK corrections where you need them.

This correction services works perfectly with AStuff-provided NovAtel Positioning Kits .

  • Access to over 1,300 reference station via a single provider
  • Maintain high accuracy positions over larger distances between reference stations
  • Commercial correction service provides higher reliability and availability of RTK corrections
New: Velodyne VLS-128
Velodyne LiDAR has released their newest LiDAR sensor — the innovative VLS-128. The VLS-128 is specially made for autonomous driving and advanced vehicle safety at highway speeds. This class one laser product provides longer range, more lasers and increased accuracy, which are required by the most advanced autonomous vehicle programs in the world.

  • Up to 300m range
  • Up to four return modes
  • Environmental protection: IP67
  • Minimum angular rotation: 0.11º
  • Up to ~9.6 million points per second
  • 360º horizontal FOV
  • +15° to -25° Vertical FOV
  • Designed and built for high volume manufacturing

What's happening at AStuff?
This month's favorite: Lee Baldwin
We're excited to have Lee Baldwin join the AutonomouStuff team as our Data Intelligence Director. Baldwin comes to AutonomouStuff from Caterpillar, where he worked closely with the mine management system — MineStar. His last assignment as MineStar Engineering Manager put him in direct contact with cutting-edge technology and software that enable semi-autonomous drilling. He has extensive experience with program management, systems engineering, software development and technology deployment. Baldwin led the engineering team in Australia that was responsible for the command and control application for Caterpillar's autonomous hauling system. He has gathered valuable experience in industries around the United States and Australia that will be of great use to AutonomouStuff. 

"AutonomouStuff is fast-paced and I am excited to be part of what they are doing here," Baldwin said.

Are you interested in learning more about Baldwin and Data Intelligence? Register now for our Data Intelligence Workshop July 19 at our San Jose office, where he’ll tell you all about it!

Click here to learn more about our team.

We are excited to have Lee on the AutonomouStuff team. Thank you for all your hard work. We appreciate you!
Join our winning team!
AutonomouStuff has experienced huge growth over the past year. We have more than doubled our employees since December of 2017 and we are not slowing down. If you are interested in joining our team, check out our careers page.
This month
AutonomouStuff has been busy with events this month. Here are a few places we have been. Check out our blog post featuring our most recent events.
Upcoming events
August 20-22: AVT 18 Detroit

September 5-7: AUTOMOTIVE World Nagoya

September 13,14: GTC Japan

September 17-21: ITS World Congress

January 8-11: CES 2019
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