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Savannah Project Expansion
We have been requested by the orphanage where the Savannah project is located to assume responsibility for all the children on the first floor of the orphanage. This would double our current project. We are currently developing a plan to do this. Stay tuned as we begin to take steps toward this goal.
The director saw the difference in the children under our care and wanted the same hope for the other children.
Things have become difficult for many orphanages. In the past they would receive the majority of their budget, but funding has decreased leaving the children often missing the basic necessities of life.
We are thankful for Dr. Feng’s willingness to travel from Beijing to Inner Mongolia to measure, make and fit braces for the children in our projects. This ensures that they have the best chance of mobility.
James’ new braces are different than his previous ones. Initially he was hesitant to try them. He just sat on the couch not moving as everyone encouraged him to stand and walk. Finally, he did and after a few steps he stopped and said that it was uncomfortable at the ankle. So, Dr. Feng made some adjustments and James tried again. This time it was better. He walked up and down the hallway to practice. After a while he came back and said he was satisfied. His new braces are an improvement, but it will take some time to get used to them.
Due to COVID, foreign and local adoptions had come to a halt. It is a blessing to see that local adoptions have begun again. Hopefully foreign adoptions will soon begin again.

We are happy that Cyrus has the opportunity to know the love of a family. He has been matched with a Chinese family and will be joining them soon.
Poor Families
More doors are opening for us. We have the opportunity to help children in poor families living in Inner Mongolia, Shandong, and Sichuan.

The children in Inner Mongolia are from single parent families living far from the city with limited resources.

The children in Shandong are from families that are in difficult situations and can’t afford to send their children to school.

The children in Sichuan are from Tibet. The high altitude affects their health, so they need to come to a lower altitude till they are older, and their health improves. Once they are five years old and healthy, they are able to return to their parents in Tibet.
The children had fun making and eating Zongzi.
Abner getting ready to perform.
The needs are great and we are thankful for everyone who makes it possible for us to
  • save and improve the lives of orphans.
  • help children in poor families get the education they need to increase their chances for a better life.
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