What We Learned Last Sunday

We continued our summer learning on prayer. We talked about the example prayer Jesus taught his disciples, the Lord’s Prayer, and how we can use it as a model for our prayers still today!

Coming Up this Sunday

We’ll continue our learning about prayer and we’re adding emojis to the fun. We’ll take a look at a new emoji each week and how that emoji represents how we can pray. This week it’s a surprised face and we’ll learn about how we can praise and be amazed by God in our prayers.

Sunday Programming will

Continue all Summer! 

We’ll rotate through our normal Sunday schedule all throughout June, July and August. 

Coming Up

June 30

Learning & Fun Sunday

July 7

Family Worship Sunday

July 10

Neighborhood Party at HAUMC

July 14

Service Project Sunday

July 21

Learning & Fun

July 21

Pool Party at Jerry Gale's

Please RSVP!

New Check-in Station & Process

Our new check-in station is up and running. HAUMC community members registered in Realm, and visitors/guests, can now utilize the check-in system. Stop by the table as you enter, get your kids signed in and get their name tag/pickup sticker printed too.

Loring Park Neighborhood Party

Wednesday, July 10 • 5-7pm • In the Parking Lot

Join our Hennepin community and the surrounding neighborhood for a fun party in our parking lot! Wednesday, July 10 from 5-7pm. There’ll be a band, food trucks, art vendors, a bounce house, yard games and more! 

If you, or your kiddo (really, who wouldn’t want to buy a handmade friendship bracelet from your kid?!), has any art/craft that you’d like to sell during the party, let Mayme know (mayme@haumc.org) and she can reserve a table for you for free. 

Hennepin Kids For Lyfe Pool Party!

Sunday, July 21 • 3-6pm

Hennepin Kids families are invited to Jerry Gale's pool on Sunday, July 21 from 3-6pm. Stop by when it's convenient for you. Jerry will supply hamburgers, chicken burgers, veggie burgers, and water to drink. We'll start eating at around 4:30. Please bring: 

  • A side dish to share. Snacks for around the pool are considered a side dish. Overachiever? You can bring a side dish and a dessert!
  • A swimsuit/towel (if you plan to swim)
  • An alternative beverage (if desired)

Please RSVP to Mayme (mayme@haumc.org) and she'll give you Gerry's address. We’d love to spend the afternoon with you, so if you can make it, great! If you can't make it, we’ll miss you, but we understand that summer is a busy time and conflicts are unavoidable.

HAUMC Fall Retreat

We're planning a fall retreat for families and HAUMC community members! We'd love your input as we solidify plans and we appreciate you taking a few minutes to give us your thoughts on this google form.

Sundays at HKFL

PLEASE NOTE: Beginning in June, this Sunday rotation applies to all PreK-7th grade students. We’re excited to have 6th and 7th grade on the same schedule as PreK-5th grade!

First Sunday: Family Worship Sunday (no Sunday School, but the Nursery is available)

What: Kiddos stay with families to experience and participate in worship.

Why: Our Christian faith has many traditions and practices that are highly engaging and often better “caught vs taught” (though we will teach them too). Additionally, Methodism is grounded in four components of Scripture, Tradition, Reason and Experience. Participation in worship services brings those components to light as we all watch, listen, read, sing and pray.

How: Your child(ren) is welcome to participate and experience by being with you. They are also welcome to take on a leadership role in the worship service such as serving communion, being an acolyte, singing in the children’s choir or leading a reading or prayer. Reach out to Mayme at mayme@haumc.org anytime if you have a kiddo who’d like to lead!

Second Sunday: Service Project Sunday

What: The second Sunday of each month is dedicated to a mini-lesson based on how serving others shows up in the Bible. We then pair that learning with an engaging and fun service project for our kids to complete.

Why: Jesus set the ultimate example of serving others through many different acts and

miracles. We want to not only teach our kids how their lives should look like Jesus’, but give them opportunities to be like him too.

How: Our service projects take place on the Hennepin campus, during the Sunday

School time, and include child-appropriate activities that serve our HAUMC ministries and/or the surrounding Minneapolis community.

Third/Fourth Sunday: Sunday School after Children’s Message 

What: Learning & Fun!

Why: Kids love learning and we want them to learn about the God who loves them, Jesus who they can model their lives after and the Spirit that is present to lead and guide them in ways that are also anything but boring. 

How: We utilize a curriculum that includes fun activities, reading of Scripture and age- appropriate discussion. “What We Learned Today” handouts are given to families at the end of Sunday School so they can continue conversations and learning at home throughout the week. 

Join Us!

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For any questions regarding Family Ministry,

please contact familyministry@haumc.org