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Get Ready to ignite your passion for success! Join us for a day packed with learning, inspiration, and fun. Elevate your PTA leadership skills and gear up for an extraordinary year ahead! Regardless of your leadership journey – whether you’re just starting out or seasoned in your role – prepare to be enriched by a diverse range of workshops. While training materials are abundant, there’s something special about meeting your PTA community in person. Don’t miss the chance to engage directly, share experiences, and learn together. Visit our events page to learn more!

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Summer Leadership Conference Grants are available! 

If you would like to attend the Summer Leadership Conference but need financial assistance, apply today!

Please contact Anne Emfinger if you would like more information or have other leadership questions at


The Historian Report will be due soon!

Units:  Please remember to record your volunteer hours for every month from July 1, 2023 to June 30, 2024. You will need to fill out this form, give a copy to your secretary, and council/district by the due date:  Annual Historian Report - Unit . You may need to contact your Council for their due date.

Councils: Please remember to record the volunteer hours for your executive board, and then gather all the volunteer hours from your units. You will need to fill out this form, give a copy to your secretary, and send a copy to your district:  Annual Historian Report - Council . An online form will also be emailed, so that your volunteer hours can be recorded.

Please send out the recorded volunteer hours for your council and all the units that fall underneath by the due date:  May 1, 2024. You will need to project your volunteer hours out to June 30, 2024 when you collect the volunteer hours. 

Please return the form to by or before the due date.

Sonya Vargas, Historian Ninth District PTA


Who Attends Which Meeting?

Occasionally there are questions about who gets to attend PTA/PTSA meetings. There are three kinds of PTA/PTSA meetings – association meetings, executive board meetings and committee meetings. Article VII, Section 1 reads “Association meetings are meetings of the general membership.” That’s you if you joined the PTA/PTSA. If the PTA/PTSA is presenting a program where you have interest but not a member, the president may grant a courtesy seat. The courtesy seat allows non-members to be in the room but does not grant the privilege of making motions, debating or voting. In accordance with Article VII, Section 6 “The privilege of making motions, debating, and voting shall be limited to members of the association who are present and whose dues are paid and who have been members of the association for at least the previous thirty days.” Article VIII, Section 1 reads “The executive board shall consist of officers of this association, the chairs of standing committees, the teacher representative and the principal of the school, or a representative appointed by the principal, all of whom shall be members of this association.” Only those noted in the first sentence of this section should attend executive board meetings. Again, the president can grant a courtesy seat to non-board members if the person has information for the board’s consideration. Not a member? Join NOW! Want to be more involved? Contact the president to inquire about a board position. The president appoints some officers – mostly the parliamentarian. Want to serve in an officer position? Contact the chair of the nominating committee to show your interest in serving. There is a place for everyone. Choose which will be best for your service.

Sue King.


Financial Reviews

Spring has arrived and with it, you should be taking the final steps to complete your mid-year financial review or you may already be done.

What do you need to do to have a completed mid-year financial review?

  1. Your financial review committee should have met to analyze the financial documents and completed the Financial Review Report which includes the Financial Review Checklist and written recommendations if you marked “no” to any points on the checklist.
  2. Your completed report should be presented to and adopted by your executive board.
  3. The report must then be presented to and adopted at the next association meeting.
  4. The final step is to upload it to MyPTez, “Documents Management,” 2023-2024 Audit_Mid-Year. (Hopefully, it will be renamed to Financial Review_Mid-Year soon). 

What if you do not have access to MyPTez? Your president should have a login, but if not, they can email to receive one. Here is a link to the support video for uploading documents to MyPTez. 

If you have completed the above steps-congratulations! You get a break until the end of June! At that time you and your Financial Review Committee will begin the 2023-2024 Year-End Financial Review! Remember that your duties don’t end at the end of the term because your committee is responsible for the year-end review. The best practice would be to gather up all the required data before your fellow officers-Treasurer, Secretary, President, Financial Secretary, and Membership…. head off for their vacations. Start asking them to complete their final reports a month before the end of the fiscal year, for most associations that would be June 1st.

Don’t forget to sign up for our Ninth District PTA Summer Leadership Conference 2024. Here is a link to information about the conference, and please encourage whoever will be the Financial Reviewer for 2024-25 to sign up for “The Why and How of Financial Reviews.”  

If you have questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact your council financial reviewer or Deborah Childers at


Congratulations to everyone who participated in Ninth District PTA's Reflections Art Program! To view Ninth District PTA's Award of Excellence winners artwork please CLICK HERE

Below is a list of Ninth District PTA participants recognized by California State PTA

Outstanding Interpretation. (Advances to National PTA)

Literature  Amy Yan  Middle School / 6th. Pacific Sky Elementary PTA 

Award of Merit 2nd place

Visual Arts Yue Barbara Zhao High School / 9th Del Norte High School PTSA 

Photography Michelle Gallardo Vargas High School / 11th Buena Vista High School PTSA

Literature Sarah Kwon Primary / 2nd Stone Ranch Elementary PTA

Music Sarina Razaghi Intermediate / 4th Park Village Elementary PTA

Dance Audrey Hansen Intermediate / 5th Stone Ranch Elementary PTA

These winning Student entries will be on display at the California the State Convention.

We are excited to announce the theme for next year is “Accepting Imperfection”. Keep an eye out for more information about how to encourage students to participate in next year's Reflections program. Or visit

Community Resources & Upcoming Events

Incentive program for E-Bikes Coming Soon

California has long had incentives to purchase electric cars, but now the state is rolling out an

incentive program for electric bikes. Eligibility will be limited to California residents who are 18

years and older and are living at or below 300% of the federal poverty level. The e-bikes are

designed to replace car trips for low-income families. The incentive vouchers will start at $1,000.

To learn more and subscribe to the email notification list to be kept up-to-date on the program

launch, go to

Construction Camp for Teen Girls

The Future Construction Leaders Camp for teen girls is a unique summer camp happening June 17 to 21 where girls in grades 8 to 12 will learn the essential elements of various construction trades, handle power tools, and develop confidence as they tackle challenging projects. Advance registration is required for this free opportunity. Visit to learn more

Join Students in Conversations About Mental Health

SDCOE is partnering with the California Department of Education and Wellness Together School Mental Health for the Fourth Annual Mind Out Loud virtual event for students May 1. Middle and high school students from across California, the nation, and throughout the world will have the opportunity to connect with one another about issues of mental health and wellness.

For more information please visit

For its 2023-24 season, Classics 4 Kids presents professional orchestra concerts for elementary school students. These field trip events taking place at the Balboa Theatre and the Joan B. Kroc Theatre are 50-minute interactive concerts designed for PreK–6. There are still three live performances coming up this season, along with a chance to see a recording of a prior performance in the classroom.  For more information please visit

Thank you California Coast Credit Union for being Ninth District PTA's partner!

The Cal Coast Cares Foundation is happy to announce that their 2024 student scholarship application period is now open! This year the foundation is providing more than $185,000 in scholarships to graduating high school seniors, foster students, and current college students in San Diego and Riverside Counties to help them pursue their dreams of obtaining a college education. We appreciate your help in getting the news out to your students and their parents or guardians!


California Coast Credit Union was founded in 1929 by local educators, and the non-profit Cal Coast Cares Foundation was created in 2015 to continue their legacy by supporting the local education community through student scholarships and educator grants.


High School – This scholarship award program recognizes outstanding students for their dedication to academic excellence and community leadership. These scholarships are awarded to graduating high school seniors in San Diego or Riverside Counties to help further their education. Click Here to view and complete the high school scholarship application. 


Foster/Former Foster Youth – This scholarship award program is to support high school seniors and current college students who are in or have been in the foster care program in San Diego or Riverside Counties. Starting this year, after academic expenses are covered, the remaining funds may be used for housing and food. Click Here to view and complete the foster student application. If you know of a returning foster student recipient, please have them reach out to Brittany Rodriguez via email at or phone at 619.458.4605 for an application for their second-year scholarship. 

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