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Issue #119 February 22, 2022

Board News

Board Candidates Needed

Candidates are needed to fill the board vacancy for Vintage Trace Circle. This is your community, join the board and help ensure that this is a wonderful place to live in the years ahead!

Interested residents can contact the president Jim Robinson or Ashley Richardson at Pegasus Property Management.

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Next Meeting

VCA Board of Directors meetings are held on the 4th Monday of the month. The next meeting of the Board of Directors will be held February 28 at 1 pm virtually. Pegasus Property Management will notify VCA owners about a week in advance how to join the meeting.

Thank You!

Thank you Barry Freedman and Joanne Soukup for your many years of service on VCA Board of Directors! We appreciate your time, effort and dedication. You have left us with big shoes to fill!

The Vines CA News

Committee Members Needed!

The BOD has created an ad hoc committee to be comprised of a member from each neighborhood to review, revise and rewrite the community rules. We are still looking for volunteers from Fairway Bend, Lost Creek and Silver Oaks.

Please contact Ashley at Pegasus or click on the following link for a form.

Committee Interest Form
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Vehicle Barcode Update Required

We are in the process of updating our barcode information and eliminating inactive barcodes.

Please email the Vines Gatehouse ( with the following information for any vehicles you have with a Vines barcode on it:

Last Name/ECC Member # (if applicable)/Vehicle Barcode/Vehicle License Plate #

If information is not received by March 10th the barcode will be deactivated!

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Ganoderma Killing Palms

Ganoderma îs a fungal disease that has killed many palm trees in The Vines. While all palms are susceptible, queen and clumping palms appear to be most vulnerable. There are no treatments and it is always fatal.

Signs of disease include wilting fronds on mature palms and the formation of conks at the base.

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The conks begin as small white bumps and quickly grow into large brackets. As the disease progresses the palm rots at the soil line leaving it weak and prone to falling in a storm. Prompt removal of the tree and proper disposal of the conks is necessary to prevent spreading the disease.

The conks contain millions of spores. To mitigate dispersal of the spores, place a plastic bag around the conk before breaking it off. Seal the bag and put it in the trash.

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Remove conks prior to removing the tree. Stump and root removal are recommended. Watch for new conks after removal and dispose of them a per above.

If you notice a palm on VCA property that you suspect has ganoderma, please contact Pegasus or a VCA Board member.

Estero News


Get Involved Beyond Our Gates

The ECCL is a non-partisan, non-political, volunteer civic advocacy organization working at a grassroots level to serve as the "Voice of the People" and advocate for positive change in the Village of Estero.

To learn more about ECCL click on the link below.

Visit ECCL Website

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Village of Estero

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Jon McClain


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