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Pre-Service Training For Prospective Volunteers Starts January 11th! 

*Liam is a 15-year-old youth who came into the foster care system about a year ago as a result of medical neglect. His mother has an intellectual disability which resulted in her not seeking medical attention for Liam when he developed an infection. Since coming into care, Liam has resided in a group home for children with special needs, as he has also been diagnosed with an intellectual disability. Liam is doing well in his placement and his mother is engaging in services. However, Liam could benefit from having a CASA volunteer involved who could help ensure that services continue, especially after Liam transitions to a trial home visit with his mother.  
  * Name has been changed for confidentiality
Volunteer Spotlights Winter 2019
Marcia Alleyne has been working with 16-year-old Ellen* for three months. Ellen came into care in March 2018 after being sexually abused by several family members. Ellen ran away from her two placements and requested to live with a friend’s family. The Court allowed her to live with the family while they worked to become a licensed foster family. Ellen has not had therapy since moving to the friend’s home and has had to deal with a lot of anxiety and stress related to her family members’ trials. Marcia advocated that Ellen receive therapy with a community therapist as soon as possible. Within a couple weeks, Ellen had a therapist through a local mental health service organization.
Madison Ellis is the CASA for 16-year-old Kyle*. Currently Kyle is placed in a group home. Kyle has very minimal contact with his family other than his sister, who is in a different placement. Since Madison was assigned to Kyle’s case three years ago, she has been one of the only consistent people in Kyle’s life. He has had three different social workers and has been in three different placements. Madison has been a driving force in making sure that Kyle has permanency with a family. Madison has stayed in contact with one of Kyle’s former foster parents and advocated for him to be placed in her home. Currently Kyle is having weekend visits with his former foster mother as the Department works to have him placed in the home after the holidays. 
*Names have been changed for confidentiality
Another Place at the Table, by Kathy Harrison

The experience of one women's thirteen-years as a foster parent.

Participants will receive one hour of in-service credit for attending plus 30 additional minutes for every 100 pages read.

DATE: Thursday, January 16, 2020
TIME: 6:30pm to 7:30PM
WHERE: Conference Room
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Next Pre-Service Training Session for Prospective Volunteer
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Winter Volunteer Anniversaries
23 Years
Paul Sorlie

12 Years
Leslie Greenberg

10 Years
Jacquelynn Wozniak

9 Years
Jill Granader
Dayna Goldsmith

7 Years
Sabrina Ivory

6 Years
Barbara Fribush

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Kathryn Winsberg
Ellen Wolfe
4 Years
Miki Darling
Michele Carpenter
King Stablein
Andrea Cali
Fran Albert
Jennifer McCadney

3 Years
Tyler Lefebvre

2 Years
Karen Pinkston

1 Year
Heather Kasper
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Mark Schiponi
Josephine Choi

Donors Making A Difference
Be the Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) volunteer that every child in Montgomery County, Maryland’s foster care system needs.
CASA depends upon donations from people like you to continue its work. Make a donation today to help us reach out goal of serving ALL the children in foster care in Montgomery County by 2026.